How To Deter Ticks From Taking Up Residence In My Mesa Yard


If there’s one thing that Mesa, Arizona doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s ticks. For local residents, there are quite a few species you’ll want to be on the lookout for while you’re out and about:

  • Brown Dog Tick: With reddish-brown coloring, brown dog ticks are common to warmer climates like Mesa and are carriers of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF).
  • American Dog Tick: With dark brown bodies and off-white scuta, American dog ticks are another big carrier for RMSF.
  • Lone Star Tick: Lone star ticks may have reddish-brown bodies and are usually identified by the single horse-shaped white spot on their backs. These ticks can also transmit tularemia and STARI.
  • Winter Tick: Also called moose ticks, winter ticks are usually found during the fall or wintertime, and they’re not as common to find in Arizona.
  • Gulf Coast Tick: Gulf Coast ticks prefer the coast, but if you find them in Mesa, you’re at risk for getting Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis, which is a form of spotted fever.

Different ticks mean different diseases, but you don’t want ticks in your Mesa yard regardless of the species. Here’s what you should know about where you may find ticks in your yard, how you can help deter them from your property, and what to do if you’ve already got an active tick problem.

Where Do Ticks Hang Out And How Do They Attach To Hosts In Mesa, AZ?

While they may not always be easy to spot, ticks enjoy hanging out in grassy, wooded areas if they can. Areas with tall grass, woodpiles, leaf piles and even low-hanging branches that they can climb to can all be hotspots for tick populations.

Unlike fleas, ticks can’t fly or jump, so they get around by “questing”. They’ll hold onto a leaf, branch, or a piece of grass with their back legs, wait for you (or your pet) to walk by and grab onto you with their front legs.

Some ticks may attach to their host almost immediately while others wander around, looking for the perfect spot to start feasting on your blood.

How To Deter Ticks In Mesa, AZ

Even if you can’t always see them, there are ways to lower tick populations around your Mesa yard, including:

  • Clear any yard debris that ticks may use as hiding spots, including leaf piles and woodpiles.
  • Regularly trim trees with low-hanging branches and overgrown bushes.
  • Mow your lawn on a regular basis to prevent grass from growing too tall.
  • Practice proper food and trash storage to prevent tick-infested rodents and wildlife from coming too close to your home.

Given the risks associated with ticks, these prevention steps are well worth the effort they require.

The Most Effective Form Of Tick Control In Mesa, AZ

Although you can use the tips above to help deter ticks, it’s not always enough to completely reduce the tick populations around your property. That’s where the professionals, like those of us at Pro Active Pest Control, can help.

We understand the dangers that come with having ticks on your Mesa property, and we’ll use reliable, eco-friendly treatments to keep them away. If you think you’re dealing with a tick problem, don’t let it get out of hand – call us at Pro Active Pest Control today to learn more about how we can help.