We Have Silverfish In Our Elk Grove Home. Should We Be Worried?

Silverfish crawling on the floor.

Silverfish might be a pest you've heard about before, or you may be unfamiliar with them. These insects in Elk Grove are a bit odd overall, and they might not be as well-known as other pests such as flies or ants. Because of this, many residents have questions about silverfish and whether or not they are dangerous. In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about silverfish in Elk Grove, including how to get effective silverfish control.

You can identify silverfish by their silvery to brownish-grey coloration and their long bodies that get narrower at the bottom. They also have six legs and feelers coming from the end of their bodies.

Are Silverfish Dangerous In Elk Grove?

The main question many people have is whether or not silverfish are dangerous. Overall, they are just considered a nuisance pest. Silverfish can look a bit creepy as they have long, tapered bodies and fish-like movements, and they also have long antennae and feelers that might look frightening. However, they don't bite or sting people or pets, and they aren't known to spread any illnesses.

However, while silverfish, thankfully, are not dangerous to your health or the health of your furry friends, they can cause some property damage to belongings and food items.

The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Elk Grove Home

Silverfish will consume and chew on all kinds of paper-based products and even carbohydrates. They will get into pantries and cupboards and eat things like cereals and other stored products. But, they will also chew on wallpaper, books, adhesives, and more. While silverish aren't as destructive as some other insects in Elk Grove, such as termites, they can still damage special items. 

And, although they aren't known to spread any diseases, you still won't want to eat any food they've gotten into. You should also clean up around the area.

Why Are Silverfish In Your Elk Grove Home?

Silverish are mainly attracted to excess humidity in a home as they prefer dry, damp areas. They are usually found around basements or inside closets, and overall, they are rather shy and will try to avoid people.

Silverfish are quite small, and they can find many ways into a structure. They can slip inside through holes in the walls or foundation, and they can also fit under unsealed doors and windows. Lastly, silverfish can get inside through torn or broken screens.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Elk Grove

While silverfish might not be as dangerous as some other pests, they are still unpleasant to encounter. They can be rather gross, and they can also damage your belongings. Contact the silverfish control experts at Pro Active Pest Control if you find yourself dealing with a silverfish infestation. We offer ongoing residential pest control plans that target silverfish and other nuisance insects, so you don't have to find them crawling around your property anymore. 

You can trust that our trained technicians will provide exemplary services that are comprehensive. After removing any silverfish, we will devise a residential pest control plan moving forward to prevent them throughout the year. Just give us a call today to learn more or schedule an inspection.