The Best Form Of Paper Wasp Control For Gilbert Properties

wasp nest

Stinging insects such as bees and wasps can bring annoyance and pain to an otherwise beautiful day in the sun, but these pollinators are also essential in maintaining our ecosystem. It is important homeowners remain educated in the ways wasps may impact their summer seasons in order to avoid getting stung.

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Identifying Paper Wasps In Your Family Yard

Did you know stinging insects send half a million people to the hospital every year? 

When dealing with stinging insects around your family home or yard, correctly identifying the type of pest you are dealing with is critical for safety, management, and resolution. Paper wasps are similar to yellowjackets in appearance, although slimmer. Of the 22 species of paper wasps in the United States, most are primarily brown with yellow banded markings. Some species even have band colors as bold as red. These wasps get their name from the paper-like material of their nests, which are shaped like umbrellas. 

Paper Wasps & Their Impact To Our Gilbert Community

Wasps play more than one vital role to our ecosystem. Paper wasps act as natural pest control against the population of potential pests such as greenflies and caterpillars, which affect our homes and yards. Of course, wasps also act as essential pollinators. Although stinging insects can be annoying, it’s important to keep in perspective the good they do in keeping the balance to life as we know it. 

While critical members of the Arizona ecosystem, paper wasps also plague some homeowners as a pest. When paper wasps identify your home as an ideal location to build a nest, expect much more wasp activity around your yard, and more opportunities to get stung. While paper wasps are not naturally aggressive, they are territorial and will defend their nest or themselves if threatened. Homeowners with wasp infestations on their property should contact professional licensed pest control such as Pro Active Pest Control. 

Tips To Discourage Paper Wasp Nests At Home

The most effective prevention against a paper wasp infestation is taking care to make your home inhospitable for a nest. Follow these simple tips in arming your loved ones against potential paper wasp stings:

  • Keep any trees and shrubs in your yard trimmed. When pruning, carefully inspect the foliage for any potential wasp nests.

  • When dining or drinking outside, take care to keep food and beverages covered when possible in order to avoid attracting wasps.

  • Wear closed-toe shoes, and avoid perfumes and fragrances when spending a large amount of time outside.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home for crevices or cracks, and seal any gaps with a silicone-based caulk.

  • If you find an active paper wasp nest, do not interfere with the nest. Call a pest control professional for safe removal.

Paper Wasps In Gilbert, Arizona? Leave It To The Professionals!

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