Earwig Pest Control In El Dorado Hills, Roseville & Sacramento

Earwig on a leaf.

Easy to identify and sure to cause a scream first thing in the morning, earwigs are one of the more easily identifiable pests living in El Dorado Hills. The most common species of earwig you’ll come across in Northern California is the European Earwig.

Earwig Identification

Adult earwigs have a prominent set of forcep pinchers at the end of their body. Male’s pinchers are curved while female’s pinchers are straighter. Earwigs typically reach ¾ of an inch long, are reddish brown in coloring with lighter brown legs, and live around a year after hatching. Adult earwigs also have a set of infrequently used wings on their back.

You typically will run into earwigs at night, when they go foraging for soft fruit and vegetation. Now that it’s almost fall, you’ll probably be noticing a few more earwigs here and there indoors. If it’s too hot, too dry, or too cold, earwigs will seek refuge indoors. As it cools down and moves into autumn, a pair of female and male earwigs will nest together throughout the cooler months. They favor debris, damp soil, and protected crevices. Once the climate warms in the spring, the female will kick her mate out and lay between 30-80 eggs. The eggs hatch in about a week and a new brood of earwigs is added to your home.

The Problem with Earwigs

First and foremost, earwigs crawling into the ears of unsuspecting people as they sleep is an old wives’ tale. Earwigs prefer to avoid humans normally, and are also not known for biting them.

However, earwigs are voracious feeders. They eat everything from plant seedlings and ripe fruit to a variety of insects, such as aphids and mites. Although earwigs can and do help to control some common yard pests, they are very invasive. They can affect the leaves in your garden negatively, as well as make a second home in your house. Particularly during fall and winter months—this year being no exception.

Earwig Pest Control

To get rid of earwigs, you need to get rid of their habitat. The drought we’re experiencing in El Dorado Hills would normally drive earwigs out of your area. But with well-irrigated landscaping, earwigs have plenty of safe places where they can survive.

For effective earwig pest control, you need Pro Active Pest Control regularly treating your home. Before temperatures drop and outdoor pests find a way into your cozy home, you need an effective pest barrier established. We provide Roseville pest control, El Dorado Hills pest control, Lincoln pest control, Rancho Cordova pest control, as well as provide pest control throughout the Greater Sacramento area. Contact Pro Active Pest Control for a free consultation and let us show you how we can effectively treat earwig pest problems around your home and business.