Signs Of A Silverfish Infestation In Your Lincoln Home

Silverfish on a bathroom wall.

Have you ever heard of silverfish before? Maybe you've heard of these insects, or perhaps you're completely unfamiliar with them. However, silverfish in Lincoln can be quite a nuisance and cause damage to personal belongings. They are rather ugly pests that sometimes invade our homes. In this guide, you'll learn how to identify silverfish and get tips on preventing them.

What Do Silverfish Look Like In Lincoln

Silverfish in Lincoln are mostly silver or grey, although some silverfish can be brownish. They have long, narrow bodies that taper toward the ends. They also have a long pair of antennae and long feelers that extend from their bottom end. They can move in short bursts of energy, and they sometimes look like fish or even like prehistoric creatures.

When you learn how to identify silverfish, you realize they do have a pretty distinctive look, but they can sometimes be mistaken for bristletails.

How Silverfish Get Into Lincoln Homes

Silverfish are rather small pests that are only about half an inch long. Their size lets them slip through minuscule cracks that humans wouldn't even notice. They can also find entryways through holes in walls and the foundation and slip through unsealed doors and windows. Lastly, they can enter a home on secondhand items like furniture or appliances. 

Silverfish will chew on books, papers, cardboard, and many food sources like cereal. They can damage personal belongings, and if you bring home old books or similar products, they might already have silverfish in them. 

A few ways to keep silverfish from getting inside include installing door sweeps and weatherstripping, sealing holes in the walls and foundation, and repairing broken screens. 

Four Clues Silverfish Leave Behind In Lincoln

Other than seeing silverfish around, there are some signs of an infestation you can watch for. Here are the four main clues that silverfish leave behind:

  • Feeding marks along the edges or surface of personal belongings
  • Yellow stains on papers, books, walls, and more
  • Feces that look like black pepper on infested materials
  • Humidity problems in attics, basements, or bathrooms that will attract silverfish

One of the best ways to prevent silverfish is to address humidity problems. You can use dehumidifiers inside of moisture-rich rooms, and you can also repair leaky pipes and faucets. Removing moisture around the property can also help, so you should clear rain gutters and remove any standing water. 

 Get Rid Of And Prevent Silverfish In Lincoln

Contact the experts at Pro Active Pest Control to get total silverfish control. We offer pest control plans that address these frustrating creatures and many other insects in the area. If you are already finding silverfish around your home, you can also give us a call, and we will remove them right away. While these pests aren't dangerous, they can still be unpleasant, and it's never fun to have personal belongings end up destroyed. 

Contact us online or over the phone to request a quote or get more silverfish control tips.