How To Get Rid Of Wasps: A Comprehensive Guide To Wasp Control In Gilbert

Wasp on its nest.

Wasps are a common problem during the summer and early autumn for many homeowners. These stinging insects are the cause of a lot of issues, from allergic reactions to property damage to making entire areas of your property inaccessible.

In this article, we’ll help you learn about the basics of wasp control in Gilbert to prepare you to combat these pests. We’ll discuss the general characteristics of wasps and how to identify them, the potential consequences of not dealing with a wasp problem quickly, and how you can minimize the chances of wasp problems around your property in the future.

Finally, we’ll talk about the benefits of working with a professional pest control company to get rid of these pests. Here at Pro Active Pest Control, we’re always ready to help new customers.

Distinctive Wasp Characteristics: How To Identify Wasps

First, let’s talk about how you can identify wasps in Gilbert quickly and easily. Wasps are flying insects. Their bodies have three segments – the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. They have stingers on the end of their abdomens. In contrast to hornets, wasps usually don’t have much hair on their bodies. Most wasps aren’t longer than 1 inch and tend to have black and yellow stripes, though some species, such as paper wasps, can be brown. Like all insects, wasps have six legs and two antennae, and their wings are usually translucent. Wasps tend to build nests out of cellulose. These nests often resemble paper and can be found on or in the ground and off the ground in wall voids, eaves, or trees.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about wasp identification let’s discuss the issues these pests can cause if left alone.

Wasp Infestation Risks: Don’t Ignore The Problem

If you find a wasp’s nest on your property, you might be tempted to ignore the problem and hope it resolves itself; this isn’t a good idea, however. Wasps can be extremely aggressive and territorial, often attacking anyone or anything that gets too close to their nest. Depending on the location, a wasp nest on your property can mean that part of your property is inaccessible. Wasps can sting multiple times, and their stings can cause pain, swelling, and allergic reactions that may become severe.

Next, let’s go over some simple wasp prevention tricks you can use to keep these pests away.

Creating A Wasp-Free Zone: Tips For Prevention And Protection

The best way to ensure that wasps don’t become a problem is not to let them into your yard in the first place. Here’s how you can keep wasps away from your property: 

  • Inspect your yard frequently for signs of wasp nests.
  • Fill in gaps under eaves or wall voids where wasps could nest.
  • Make sure all screens on windows and doors are in working order.
  • Don’t leave food uncovered outside.

If you find yourself facing a potential wasp infestation, don’t panic. The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is to contact a professional pest control company. They’ll be able to help you remove these pests safely.

Expert Wasp Extermination: Swift And Effective Solutions

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