Get Rid Of Ants In Your Sacramento Home Once & For All

A fire ant infestation outside of a home

Most stinging insects like wasps and yellow jackets are eliminated by homeowners as soon as they’re spotted, but these dangerous ants are rarely given the boot as early as they ought to be – with dire consequences. 

There are several different species of ants common to the Sacramento area, many of which are common in big cities. Four of the most dangerous of these include:

  • The red-brown, ¼ inch long fire ant. This species of ant is known for their painful bites and overwhelming numbers, which can cause severe health concerns in young children and older adults.
  • The wood-eating, 2.5-centimeter long carpenter ant. With a penchant for dead, damp, or rotted wood, these insects in the home or business is a telltale sign of structural damage and ongoing infestation.
  • The dangerous and disease-spreading pharaoh ant. Common plagues of nursing homes, hospitals, ALFs, and hospice facilities, this species of ant can cause severe illness and even death in our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • The polar opposite of the fire ant population, known as Argentine ants. These ants consume a copious amount of greenery and destroy entire yards full of plants at record speeds.

If you think or know that any of these ant species are hiding out in your lawn, you may be at risk for some dangerous physical, structural, or financial burdens.

The Many Unique Dangers Of Sacramento Ant Species

The dangers posed by an ant colony is largely dependent on the specific species in question. However, it is well known that all types of these six-legged soldiers are a nuisance at best. At their worst, contamination of food sources can lead to the spread of bacteria and disease and expose certain demographics to parasites and other pests. Structural damage to homes and businesses is not uncommon, and significant destruction can be caused to lawns and gardens when colonies begin to spread across the property. Although they may not seem like dangerous pests, all species of ants should be regarded as a serious concern. To get a better understanding of the specific types of ants invading your space, it is recommended that you schedule a comprehensive inspection through your local pest control expert.

To mitigate further risks to your home and business and to protect the ones you love, reduce these attracting factors that may be leading ants closer to your home.

  • Don’t allow dirty dishes or food crumbs to build up around the house. 
  • Carefully manicure and cut back tall grass and shrubbery.
  • Run a dehumidifier in areas of the house that may be harboring moisture.
  • Seal up any cracks and gaps that could be allowing ant scouts to search for food.

Waiting for ant colonies to dissipate is a fruitless endeavor that will only put off the inevitable. For professional advice and a thorough inspection of your home or business, reach out to the experts on ant control at Pro Active today.

Get Protected Through Pro Active’s Professionals

Even if some types of ants native to California are harmful or even dangerous to human health, there is no method of occluding them entirely from your home or business.
Ants are plentiful with our mild winters and beautiful summers that homeowners in the Golden State are certain to find at least one or two colonies present on their property at any given time. In order to reduce ant exposure, home and business owners are advised to seek quarterly or year-round pest control management from their local pest control agency. In fact, the best protection against ants of all types can be found by partnering with the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control today. Reach out to us online or visit one of our locations in Sacramento to discover the best ways for you to stay safe and ant-free during all times of the year.