The Key To Effective Silverfish Control In Mesa

Silverfish crawling on cardboard

One of the most ubiquitous pests in the United States, silverfish may infest any residential or commercial property with the ideal conditions. These tiny pests are attracted to humidity and moisture, and feed on a myriad of everyday materials found in most homes. Given Arizona’s climate, protecting your property against silverfish is a year-round concern — although once you know the facts, controlling silverfish is easier than you think.

Pro Active Pest Control is here to help identify and resolve all pest concerns in Mesa, AZ, with our licensed expertise. Read on to educate yourself on the ways in which silverfish enter and potentially infest your home or business. 

What Are Silverfish, And Why Are They In My Home?

Silverfish get their name from their fish-like shape and silver, scaly appearance. Found throughout the United States, these pests have no wings, but move quickly. Silverfish are ½ to ¾ an inch in size, with long antennae on their front, and bristles on their rear. Attracted by moisture and humidity, a well-kept home is the most effective method of preventing silverfish infestations. 

Both residential and commercial properties must remain vigilant against silverfish, as they feed on paper items such as books and magazines, as well as food items such as flour or oats. These pests are typically found in humid, moist areas. Silverfish may be noticed dropping from the ceiling soffits, or when leaving behind droppings (which look like small, black pellets). While silverfish require humidity and warmth (70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit), they are excellent climbers and may survive weeks without food if the moisture conditions are right. 

Dangers Of Silverfish In Mesa, AZ Properties

Simply put, a silverfish infestation is a nuisance. Silverfish pose no threats to people or pets, but they may damage your belongings. Silverfish are known to eat paper items such as books, cardboard, or even wallpaper, as well as glue, clothing, and food items high in sugars or carbohydrates. 

If you find silverfish in your home or commercial property, contact professional pest control for help in resolving your infestation. Pro Active Pest Control is the ideal local pest control, with expert service technicians and eco-friendly treatments.

Simple Silverfish Prevention Tips

In preventing your property against silverfish, Mesa, AZ, residents must consider the multiple factors that lead to ideal breeding, feeding, and living conditions. Silverfish breed quickly and may spread throughout your home or commercial property before you even notice they've entered. Follow these seven easy steps for outfitting your property against these pesky insects. 

  1. Address moisture issues in the home through possible methods such as purchasing a dehumidifier, repairing leaky pipes and drains, and eliminating any wet or moldy wood.
  2. Seal up any potential entry points to the home with a silicone-based caulk.
  3. As silverfish are deft climbers, homeowners should clear any materials against or near the exterior of the home, which also may act as way of entry when near pipes or vents.
  4. Store any grains such as flour or oats in an airtight, sealed container.
  5. Avoid storing old books or magazines in attics and basements, where silverfish are more likely to find (and eat!) them.
  6. Shake roofs should be cleaned or sealed at least once a year.
  7. In ridding your home of current silverfish or large-scale concerns, call Pro Active Pest Control for effective, professional grade resolution.

Solve Your Silverfish Worries In Mesa With Proactive Professionals

Don’t try to tackle silverfish issues on your own — leave it to the licensed professionals at Pro Active Pest Control. Our experienced service technicians will inspect the interior and exterior of your home before recommending treatment options to rid your property of pests. No matter your pest concern, homeowners can be assured that Pro Active Pest Control’s methods are pet-friendly and healthy for the environment. 

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