Pest Prevention Tips For Mesa Homeowners

Ants in a kitchen

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ben Franklin once coined that phrase, and, though he was not likely talking about pest control in Mesa, it rings just as true. Homeowners in Mesa have luck and expertise on their side with Pro Active Pest Control. Our experts are always on hand to be sure you don't have to go it alone when it comes to ridding your Mesa home of pests. From furry, flea-ridden rodents to home-destroying termites to disease-carrying fleas and cockroaches, there is an endless list of pests that can wreak havoc on your Mesa home. 

Nuisance Pests That Invade Mesa Homes

Not all pests will hurt people, spread bacteria, or ruin your home. Some are just an annoyance to your daily life. Pests such as pantry moths, some ant species, and box elder bugs are an example of just a few pests that do not truly harm humans or their homes. This, however, does not make them any less of a nuisance. 

If you are a Mesa homeowner, you bought your home for yourself and your family, not for uninvited and unwanted guests. At Pro Active Pest Control, we have the tried-and-true methods to get rid of pests of all kinds. Our years of expertise come backed with a 100 percent guarantee. Our pros have the know-how to be sure your home is free from pests and the problems they bring into your home. When you partner with Pro Active Pest Control, your entire property and home will be free from those unwanted guests for good.

Damaging Pests That Invade Homes

Pests aren't always just a nuisance; some can also destroy your home. Did you know that a termite infestation can ruin your home in three short years if left unattended? Other pests, such as mice and rats, can chew away at walls, structural materials, and even electrical wires and connections. Besides being a nuisance, these can cause dangerous shorts or even a fire to spread inside your Mesa home.

Five Pest Prevention Tips

Prevention is always the best way to control pests in your Mesa home. Making your property uninviting to pests and removing access points can go a long way toward keeping your home pest-free. When trying to prevent pests on your own, try the following tips to keep you and your home safe:

  1. Check your home for cracks and crevices that lead to the outside. Seal these cracks with caulk or cement repair to eliminate access points for pests.
  2. Keep all trees, shrubs, and plants well-trimmed and away from the home. Do not allow excess mulch, especially up against the home, as it will retain moisture and attract pests.
  3. Frequently remove all trash and debris from your home and property. Be sure to store trash in well-sealed containers with tight-fitting lids.
  4. Inspect your doors, windows, and vents. These are common entry points for pests. Ensure they are all well-screened, and that they seal tightly.
  5. Tightly seal all of your foods in metal canisters or thick, plastic containers with secure lids. Eliminating access to food will discourage many pests.

A Home Pest Control Plan Is The Best Prevention

At Pro Active Pest Control, we know just how difficult it can be to eliminate pests from your Mesa home. Don’t try to completely go it alone. We offer a 100 percent guarantee on our comprehensive treatment plans, so you can rest assured that your pest problems will be handled effectively. With one phone call, we are standing by to take pest pressures off of your shoulders. Call Pro Active Pest Control today, and be sure your Mesa home can remain pest-free.