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Homes in Stockton, CA are at risk of being invaded by insects and rodents that also, unfortunately, live throughout Northern California. If pests have become a problem in your Stockton yard or home let the pest professionals at Pro Active Pest Control help. We can provide Stockton homeowners with the eco-friendly services needed to provide long-term relief against pests. We are local pest professionals that offer guaranteed results! To learn more about our residential and commercial pest solutions, bed bug control, termite control, and other services, reach out to the experts at Pro Active Pest Control today. 

Complete Pest Control Solutions In Stockton, CA

Pro Active Pest Control has developed effective pest control services that protect Stockton homes from our area’s most common pests. Our comprehensive pest control services guard properties against pests like ants, fleas, occasional invaders, rodents, spiders, and stinging insects. To schedule an inspection, give us a call today!

Home Pest Control in Stockton, CA

Pro Active Pest Control provides Stockton homeowners the pest control services needed to keep insects and rodents out of their homes throughout the entire year. Our pest control solutions are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and highly effective. At each of our residential service visits, you should expect our friendly and experienced technicians to :

  • Perform an exterior inspection and eliminate spiders, spider webs, and wasp nests.

  • Complete a foundation treatment that creates a barrier of protection around your home.

  • Apply a seasonal treatment around your yard where pests are most likely to be nesting or hiding.

We offer homeowners the option of bi-monthly or quarterly services to meet your home’s unique pest control needs. Let our family of pest control experts help your family maintain a pest-free home! To request your free quote, contact us today.

Are Wolf Spiders In Stockton, CA Dangerous?

The phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” definitely applies to the wolf spider. Wolf spiders are large fast-moving spiders that often startle people. Their stocky body and long legs that are covered in hair often lead people to believe they are looking at a tarantula. But, the truth is, wolf spiders are not a type of tarantula and they pose no real threat to people in Stockton. These spiders seldom bite, and in the event of an accidental bite, their venom isn’t strong enough to cause serious health problems in people. Wolf spiders would rather use their long legs to run from us than at us!

Despite having the knowledge that wolf spiders aren’t a danger to us, most people still don’t want these large hairy spiders living in their home! And we can’t blame them. If wolf spiders become a problem in your yard or home, contact Pro Active Pest Control. We can provide the regular residential pest control services needed to find, eliminate, and prevent future problems with wolf spiders and other household pests.

Commercial Pest Control in Stockton, CA

Preventing biting, flying, or crawling pests from coming into contact with your customers is your number one priority. Pro Active Pest Control understands the importance of maintaining a pest-free facility for your business's reputation. Our eco-friendly, reliable commercial pest control eliminates current pest problems and will keep them from returning. By partnering together, we can ensure pests won’t be able to drive away customers, cause failed health inspections, or damage your bottom-line. We are committed to your Stockton business and will customize a green pest control solution that meets its unique needs and will guard against insects, rodents, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our effective pest control solutions!

Guide To Avoiding Ant Problems In Stockton, CA

Ants are major nuisance pests that regularly find their way into our yards and homes to nest and forage for food. Preventing problems with ants is difficult, but there are some things you can do around your home and property to make it less attractive to them.

  • Remove excess debris from your yard like fallen trees, tree stumps, and brush.

  • Place a stone or crushed rock barrier between mulch, grass, or soil and your home’s foundation.

  • Place tight-fitting lids on outdoor trash cans and compost bins.

  • Pick-up uneaten pet food between feedings.

  • Eliminate excess water sources by fixing leaky pipes and fixtures and maintaining gutters.

  • Seal cracks in your home’s foundation, exterior walls, and roof line.

  • Place door sweeps on exterior doors, especially basement doors.

  • Inside, keep food in the refrigerator or in containers with air-tight lids. 

  • Vacuum regularly and wipe down counters and tables. 

Despite your best efforts, ants are persistent pests and keeping them at bay is difficult. If ants become a problem in your yard or in your home, call the Stockton ant control experts at Pro Active Pest Control. We provide the residential pest control services needed to eliminate ants and keep them from returning throughout the year!


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