Roof Rats

What do roof rats look like?

Roof rats are a species of rodent that are dark brown or black in color with have gray highlights running throughout their fur. These rats have pointed noses, large, dark-colored eyes, and large ears. Adult roof rats can grow to about 8 inches in length and their tail adds another 6-8 inches to their total body length. Roof rats are very nimble rodents whose long, slim build has allowed them to become great climbers. Roof rats received their name due to their ability to climb trees and other structures in order to gain access into homes, businesses, and other structures through the roof.

a roof rat outside a roseville california home

Are roof rats dangerous?

Roof rats are considered to be dangerous for many different reasons. First, roof rats will chew on anything they come across. Like all rodents, roof rats have continually growing teeth and need to chew in order to maintain them; in a home setting, this means that they have the potential to gnaw through and damage drywall, insulation, wires, pipes, furniture, clothing, books, pictures, personal items, and food items. Their chewing habits can also lead to fires and water damage inside the structure they are infesting. Along with destroying property and contaminating food, rats are known to spread a wide variety of diseases and bacteria. As rats travel throughout homes and other buildings, they leave a trail of urine and feces behind, contaminating surfaces as they go. Roof rats are known for transmitting several different bacterial diseases to people including Salmonellosis, dysentery, and other serious illnesses.

Where do roof rats nest?

Outside, roof rats can be found nesting high up in trees. However, these rodents can also be found living in burrows under plants, dense vegetation, and in woodpiles. Inside of homes and other structures, roof rats are typically found living and nesting in the upper levels of buildings in areas like attics, behind walls, above ceilings, and in chimneys. They are also likely to be found infesting basements, areas under buildings, and in sewers.

Why do I have a roof rat problem?

Roof rats are attracted to properties that offer them easy access to sources of food, water, and shelter. Some things that often attract these rats to our properties include bird or wild animal feeders, unsecured trash cans, garden areas, pet food, compost piles, wood piles, dense vegetation, and areas of standing water.

How do I get rid of roof rats?

The most effective way to solve a roof rat problem is to contact a professional pest control company, like the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control. At Pro Active, we can help eliminate these rats through regular inspection and pest control services. We use the most modern pest control methods and products available to control roof rats and other nuisance pests found living in and around homes or businesses in Roseville, CA, and the surrounding area. To learn more about our pest control services and our 100% service guarantee, contact us today!

How can I prevent future problems with roof rats?

Preventing problems with roof rats can be a difficult task, but there are some methods you can use around your home to help deter and prevent these pests. Perform an inspection of your home's foundation, exterior walls, roofline, and the areas around the utilities entering into your home, sealing any holes or gaps you find. Trim back tree branches back away from the exterior of your home to prevent these rats from gaining access to your roof. Store any firewood on your property a distance away from the exterior of your home and make sure that your trash cans and compost bins have secure lids on them. To help deter roof rats from invading your property, all bird and wild animal feeders should be removed. It is also important to eliminate easy access to water sources by repairing leaky pipes and drains and by making sure your gutters are working properly.

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