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If you’ve started hearing scratching sounds within your walls or you've seen tiny black pellets in your cabinets, you’ve probably begun to suspect something that you wish wasn’t true. Discovering that rodents have found their way into your home is disconcerting, and for good reason! When they invade, rodents wreak havoc by causing damage, spreading diseases, and introducing parasites to your living space. Luckily, Pro Active Pest Control takes rodent infestations seriously. When you have a rodent problem, we don’t just send anyone to your home; we send you the best in the business! Our rodent specialists know exactly what to do to efficiently and effectively take care of your rodent problem.

Why You Don’t Want Rodents In Your Northern California & Arizona Home

It may seem obvious to say that you don’t want rodents moving into your Northern California & Arizona home, but a lot of people don’t understand the true extent of the problems rodents can cause when they get into your house. To begin with, rodents will contaminate your countertops, cupboards, food stores, and food prep areas with their feces. Rodents are known to spread many serious illnesses to humans, and the chance of your family getting sick with a rodent-caused illness greatly increases when rodents are in your house. A few of the diseases rodents are known to spread include salmonellosis, tularemia, leptospirosis, and hantavirus.

Rodents also introduce parasites into your house. Worms, mites, lice, fleas, and ticks are just some of the pests that can end up in your house when rodents invade. Even if you never come into contact with the rodents in your house, you can still end up dealing with the parasites in a much more direct way if these tiny pests end up in or on you, your family members, or your pets. Parasites can cause a multitude of problems for your family, including spreading serious, life-threatening diseases.

Despite the serious nature of the health risks introduced by rodents, there is an even greater problem associated with rodent infestations. Probably the biggest issue for homeowners, when rodents get inside a house, is the damage that they’ll cause. It’s possible that rodents could get into your attic or walls and never enter the main living space of your house to contaminate it or make you sick. It’s possible parasites will not enter your home with the rodents. But it is extremely unlikely that rodents will not damage your house when they get inside. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s impossible for rodents to move into a house without causing damage.

Part of the reason for this is that wherever rodents end up in your house, they’ll leave urine and feces everywhere and they’ll build a nest. The other reason is due to one of the things that make rodents unique. Rodents' front teeth never stop growing. To keep their teeth at a manageable length, rodents spend their lives chewing on anything and everything. When they get into your house, the things they chew on will include your belongings, duct and pipework, walls, insulation, wiring, and more. Although finding a chewed-up sweater is a nuisance, discovering a mold problem due to a water leak or ending up with a house fire because of faulty wiring is not only a nuisance; it’s dangerous to the health and safety of your family. 

When you understand the many dangers associated with a rodent infestation, it is easy to see why rodent control is so necessary.

Our Rodent Control Process

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Initial Service Visit & Inspection

At Pro Active Pest Control, we begin our rodent control services by performing a thorough inspection of your home or business. This allows our rodent specialist to determine the rodent entry points and the rodent activity levels within your home or business. This important information will allow us to provide you with the most accurate quote for our services and help our technicians develop the best plan to eliminate your rodent problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

During your initial inspection, our technicians will search all sub-areas of the structure as well as the attic space for signs of rodent activity. We will then focus on the exterior of your house, looking for entry points and other areas that could become entry points in the future. These typically include areas of weakness, such as damaged roof shingles or cracks in your house that could be exploited. 

We look for potential problem areas because although our primary goal is to eliminate your active rodent problem, our overall goal is to make sure that rodents cannot continue to be a problem for your house in the future. By identifying and fixing potential entry points before they become entry points, we can stop a problem before it starts.

Professional Rodent Monitoring & Treatments

When performing rodent control services, we use a variety of methods. The specific rodent control methods that we use while treating your home or business will be determined by your particular rodent problem and the extent of your infestation. When you partner with us at Pro Active Pest Control for professional rodent control, your plan will be custom-developed for your specific situation and will include both monitoring and preventive treatments. We don’t just want to resolve your current rodent problem, we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Because we care about the health of your family and the environment, we focus on physical approaches to rodent control, such as sealing up entry points, while minimizing other approaches, such as the use of chemical baits. We will always work to eliminate your rodent problem using the lowest impact methods first.

Guaranteed Rodent Exclusion Services

In order to keep rodents from entering your home, it’s important to seal up all of the entry points they’re currently using to access your home. It’s also a good idea to reinforce any weak areas around your home that have the potential to become future entry points. Our Guaranteed Rodent Exclusion Services include sealing up all active and potential entry points. In addition to sealing holes, cracks, and crevices, we will also install weatherstripping around garage doors and other doors on the property.

Exclusion work is the most effective way to keep rodents out of your home.  However, we still recommend having regular monitoring and inspections performed to ensure the safety of your home and family. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. By consistently monitoring for rodent activity around your property and having regular inspections performed to identify any problems you might have overlooked, you can be assured that rodents will not get into your house.

Our rodent exclusion service comes with a two-year warranty in every location where we performed exclusion work. If one of these areas fails within this time, we will return to your home to redo the work. Please note that this warranty applies only to the areas where we performed exclusion work, not to the entire house.

Professional Clean-Out Services

Simply put, rodents don't make good house guests. When they invade, mice and rats can damage insulation and leave urine and feces all over the place. This is not only unappealing, but can also cause health problems for your family! Our attic clean-out service will remove the damaged insulation, sanitize the area, and replace any insulation that had to be removed. It is best to hire a professional to tackle this task rather than attempting it yourself, as working with rodent excrement can be dangerous. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to safely clean out your attic after a rodent infestation.

Follow-Up Services

When you’ve invested in a rodent control plan from Pro Active Pest Control, you can rest assured knowing your Northern California & Arizona home or business is being protected. At Pro Active Pest Control, we stand behind our work. Beyond our recurring service visits that are part of the plan, if you have problems between visits we'll return to re-service your home, free of charge!

Current Customer Discounts

If you are a current customer with a year-round service plan, you qualify for a 20% discount on any specialty service, including termite control, rodent-proofing, and rodent monitoring. To learn more about this discount, contact us today.

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No one wants the hassle of dealing with rodents, but if you find yourself in that situation, Pro Active Pest Control is the pest control company to call. With our local rodent specialists providing customized service you can trust, your property will be rodent-free in no time. To schedule your initial inspection, contact Pro Active Pest Control!


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