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As Arizona’s capital, Phoenix has no shortage of attractions and things to do. The city has become a major metropolitan area, experiencing explosive growth in the past 70 years in the wake of WWII. It has since become an excellent place to live, as evidenced by its constantly growing population. 

However, all the factors that make Phoenix a great place to live for humans make it just as appealing for pests. Insects and rodents around Phoenix are a constant threat to your Phoenix property, and the damage and dangers they bring with them can be devastating. 

To protect your Phoenix home or business from the pests that reside in Arizona, partner with the local pest control experts here at Pro Active Pest Control. We specialize in providing reliable and eco-friendly services needed to protect your Phoenix residential or commercial property from insects, rodents, and other invasive pests. Give us a call today and learn more!

Residential Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ a happy technician

There are a number of pests that call Phoenix home, including ants, fleas, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, and more! At best, the presence of these pests is a major nuisance; at worst, they can put your family at risk for disease, threaten the safety of your home, and leave lasting damage to your home. 

Don’t leave your Phoenix home at risk for pests: contact the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control for year-round home pest protection. We specialize in creating customized pest management solutions for every client we serve to eliminate existing pests today while preventing new infestations for tomorrow - and beyond!

Every residential pest treatment from Pro Active includes:

  • Comprehensive exterior inspection
  • Elimination of spiders, spider webs, and wasp nests on the premises
  • Foundation treatment to create a protective barrier around your home
  • Seasonal applications to deter specific pests as they become active
  • Interior pest control as needed

At Pro Active, we prioritize lasting pest protection for all our clients. If a pest that is covered in your service plan returns in-between your regularly scheduled visits, we return to take care of the problem at no additional charge. 

Don’t suffer from pests for one more minute: contact the professionals at Pro Active for permanent pest control and prevention for your Phoenix home. 

Commercial Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

No business can run effectively when pests get inside and start wreaking havoc. Pro Active Pest Control offers customized green pest control solutions that are guaranteed to meet the unique needs of your business or commercial property. 

Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, our team can protect your property using fewer pesticides while still maintaining long-lasting results. We don’t just treat the pest: we treat the environment in order to keep you pest-free for the future. 

Pro Active Pest Control services a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Daycare centers
  • Religious buildings
  •  Funeral homes

Don’t leave your customers, employees, and property at risk: protect your investment with professional pest control solutions from Pro Active Pest Control. 

Paper Wasp Prevention Tips For Phoenix, AZ Residents

Paper wasps are a common sight across Phoenix during warmer months of the year. They get their name from the umbrella-shaped nests they create from a paper-like material, usually found in the trees and along the exterior eaves, rooflines, and walls of homes they infest. 

Wasps are dangerous pests, and their stings can have serious complications. Don’t leave your family at risk: use these effective measures to prevent them. 

  • Repair and seal any holes or tears in your home’s exterior
  • Eliminate any potential food sources that could attract them
  • Keep trash stored in tightly-sealed containers
  • Keep wood and compost piles stored several feet away from the home
  • Repair or replace any damaged screens on windows and doors
  • Place caps on your chimney
  • Call the professionals for year-round pest protection 

When it comes to stopping wasp infestations before they happen, no one is better than Pro Active. Contact us today and find out how we can help you take the sting out of summer, and take back your yard against wasps. 

What Phoenix, AZ Residents Need To Know About Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a common pest invader in Phoenix, but one that is also greatly misunderstood. Many people believe that wolf spiders are much more dangerous and aggressive than they actually are because of their appearance: they are large and hairy, with long spindly legs, making them look quite intimidating. 

Luckily, these spiders are primarily a nuisance species and really pose no harm to people. In addition to their appearance, they are named “wolf” spiders due to their hunting method of directly chasing down prey instead of waiting for them to get caught in their webs. This makes wolf spiders a useful source of natural pest control and an important part of the local ecosystem. While they will bite humans they come into contact with, their venom isn’t strong enough to cause any significant health problems for people except for some pain at the bite site. 

Inside homes, they can often be found in basements, in the crawl space, inside potted plants, and in the corners of closets, windows, or doors.

While wolf spiders are good at hunting other insects, they still make much better neighbors than roommates. Besides, you won’t need their help to control pests in your home when you’ve got Pro Active on your side. Contact us today and find out why Pro Active is the perfect solution to get rid of wolf spiders as well as the other pests threatening your Phoenix home. 


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