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Pro Active Pest Control protects communities in Northern California from pests with eco-friendly services that are affordable and effective. Guard your Linda, California home and family against pests with the help of our family-owned company. We provide complete residential and commercial pest control solutions and the services needed to control a variety of pests including ants, fleas, occasional invaders, rodents, spiders, and stinging insects. To discover more about keeping your Linda home or business free of our area’s toughest pests, reach out to the local experts at Pro Active Pest Control today.  

Residential Pest Control In Linda, CA

street view of a home in linda californiaProactive Pest Control offers the services necessary to keep Northern California homes free of pests. Through our eco-friendly solutions and regular inspections, we can get rid of pests like fleas, earwigs, spiders, wasps, centipedes, beetles, ticks, silverfish, crickets, and more from your Linda home and stop them from returning. We offer a variety of home pest control plans to meet your home's unique pest control needs. Each service option includes year-round protection and coverage against more than 20 pests and comes with a 100% service guarantee. We also include exterior spider de-webbing, interior & garage treatments (as needed), and rodent control (as required). Our service options are listed below:

  • Monthly Service - 12 scheduled exterior treatments

  • Bi-Monthly Service - 6 scheduled exterior treatments

  • Quarterly Service - 4 scheduled exterior treatments

Get started protecting your Linda home today, by contacting Pro Active Pest Control, and speaking with one of our friendly professionals.

Why Bird Control Is A Must For Businesses In Linda, CA

Birds out in nature are a beautiful thing. They are colorful, exciting to watch, and some produce gorgeous melodies. However, when birds decide to make your commercial property a place where they nest and rest, they turn into a dangerous and damaging pest. Birds can cause a variety of problems for business owners, including:

  • The spread of a variety of diseases including salmonella, meningitis, and toxoplasmosis

  • Excessive noise

  • Unsightly messes around trash cans and dumpsters

  • The creation of slip and fall hazards from their droppings

  • Damage to fans, air-conditioning units, and other equipment

To protect your business from pest bird damage, turn to Pro Active Pest Control. We are the Northern California bird control experts. Our process includes an initial service visit, pest bird treatments, clean-up and sanitation services, and our bird control warranty. Begin guarding your property, reputation, customers, and employees against pest birds today by contacting Pro Active Pest Control!

Commercial Pest Control In Linda, CA

Pro Active Pest Control understands the unique pest pressures that commercial property owners in Northern California face each day. Pests can cause a variety of problems, including damage to your facility, equipment destruction, the introduction of diseases, and of course, damage to your business’s reputation. To protect your Linda commercial facility, customers, employees, and inventory from insects and rodents, we offer customized green pest control solutions. Our highly trained, state-certified pest specialists will put into place a variety of Integrated Pest Management techniques to eliminate pests in a manner that is safe for the environment and people. To learn more about our eco-friendly commercial pest control services, give Pro Active Pest Control a call today.

Problems Roof Rats Cause In Linda, CA

Roof rats are a thin-bodied, agile species of rat. As their name suggests, these rats have no problem making themselves at home in the upper parts of buildings. Roof rats are nocturnal, and when inside a home, it is quite common to hear running or scratching noises above the ceiling or on the roof during the evening hours. In addition to keeping you awake at night, roof rats cause a variety of other problems:

  • Roof rats carry and transmit a variety of diseases that can make people ill such as murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever.

  • They will introduce a variety of parasites into your home like fleas, mites, and ticks.

  • Roof rats will destroy gardens and fruit trees while foraging for food.

  • They will cause structural damage to your home, chewing through wires, pipes, insulation, drywall, flooring, and more.

If roof rats are becoming a problem in or around your Linda home, the specialists at Pro Active Pest Control can help. We will provide long-term relief against roof rats by getting rid of the current invaders, establishing a barrier of protection around your home, and maintaining the barrier through regular treatments. To learn more about our effective roof rat control solutions, reach out to us today.


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