House Centipedes

What do house centipedes look like?

As their name suggests, house centipedes are very common pests that often make themselves at home inside our homes. The house centipede’s name means “one hundred legs” but, depending on the exact species, they can have between 15 and 177 legs. The long flat, segmented bodies of house centipedes are yellowish-gray or dark brown in color and they may or may not have darker markings or stripes. House centipedes are a predatory species and feed on a variety of insects, utilizing the first pair of legs that form claw-like poison fangs.

a house centipede crawling in a california home

Are house centipedes dangerous?

House centipedes are typically thought of as nuisance pests, they don’t cause harm to property and they pose no significant health risks to people. However, it is important to know that, while a centipede bite rarely happens, they are strong enough to bite a person and the bite can be quite painful. The good news is that their venom is not strong enough to cause any serious medical problems in humans.

Why do I have a house centipede problem?

Outside, house centipedes happily live in damp dark places during the day, places under mulch, stones, logs, leaf piles and in decaying vegetation. But, if the environment outside becomes too hot or dry, they move indoors looking to take up residence in a damp dark place similar to their outdoor environment. House centipedes enter homes and other buildings through cracks in foundations, gaps under doors, through vents, and through the spaces around utility entrances. Inside, they can be found in crawl spaces, basements, closets, cabinets, laundry rooms, potted plants, and bathrooms.

How do I get rid of house centipedes?

The most effective way to solve a problem with house centipedes is to contact a professional pest control expert. At Pro Active Pest Control our pros will partner with you, perform a thorough inspection, and create a pest control program to exclude house centipedes. We use the most modern pest control methods and products possible to control house centipedes and other common pests found in and around your home or business. To learn more about implementing our 100% guaranteed pest control services into your in Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Lincoln, Rocklin, or Sacramento home or business, contact Pro Active Pest Control today.

How can I prevent future problems with house centipedes?

Preventing problems with house centipedes can be a difficult task, but there are some things you can do around your home to deter them and prevent them from finding their way inside. Seal any gaps found in your home’s foundation, exterior walls, and around utilities entering into your home. Place tight-fitting mesh covers over all vents entering into your home. Reduce humidity levels inside your home by running a dehumidifier in the basement and making sure that crawl spaces and attics are well-ventilated. Inspect potted plants for centipedes before bringing them inside.



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