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Located in beautiful California is El Dorado County where the community of El Dorado Hills sits. El Dorado Hills is Spanish for “Golden One” as it was once a place where miners flocked to strike gold and become rich. Today, El Dorado Hills is home to beautiful landscape, an eclectic downtown, plentiful year-round outdoor recreational activities, and great people. To help protect your El Dorado Hills home or business from the insects, rodents, and other pests that also, unfortunately, choose to call this area of California home, partner with the local pest control experts at Pro Active Pest Control. We have the experience needed to protect homes and businesses from pests through our eco-friendly, guaranteed year-round residential and commercial pest control programs. To learn more about protecting your El Dorado Hills home or business from the dangers and damage that pests can inflict, reach out to Pro Active Pest Control today.

Complete Pest Control Solutions In El Dorado Hills, CA

There are a number of pests that call El Dorado Hills home. The pest control experts at Pro Active Pest Control have developed several services to help you eliminate and control pests such as ants, fleas, occasional invades, rodents, spiders & stinging insects. Give us a call today for a free quote!

3 Reasons To Choose Pro Active Pest Control In El Dorado Hills, CA

a childs hands putting a plant into the ground on a california propertyThere are many reasons why you should choose Pro Active Pest Control to protect your El Dorado Hills property from invasive pests. Today we are going to provide you with what we think are our top reasons why!

  •  We are a small, family-owned, locally operated business that focuses on providing exceptional customer service. We understand how to protect your home or business from pests using effective and affordable pest control solutions.
  • Pro Active Pest Control is committed to resolving all of our customer’s pest problems quickly, safely, and affordably through the use of Integrated Pest Management, eco-friendly services, and pest prevention.
  • At Pro Active, we only use pest control solutions that are safe for your family, your pets, and your home to control and eliminate common pests including rodents, roaches, ants, spiders, and more.

To learn more about ALL the great reasons why you should choose Pro Active Pest Control to meet all of your El Dorado Hills pest control needs, get in touch with us today and speak with one of our helpful experts.

Residential Pest Control In El Dorado Hills, CA

Maintain a pest-free El Dorado Hills home by working with the local pest control experts at Pro Active Pest Control and implementing Integrated Pest Management techniques to protect your house, family, and pets from invasive pests. Each of our three home pest control plans provides customers with the following: a 100% service guarantee, year-round protection, coverage against more than 20 pests, exterior spider de-webbing, interior and garage treatments (as needed), and rodent control (as needed). Our year-round pest protection plans include:

  • Monthly Service - 12 scheduled exterior treatments
  • Bi-Monthly Service - 6 scheduled exterior services
  • Quarterly Service - 4 scheduled exterior services

To learn more about protecting your El Dorado Hills home from local-area pests with the help of our local experts and local services, give us a call today.

Common Rodents In El Dorado Hills, CA

Rodents are a very common pest problem for property owners across the country, including in El Dorado Hills. Rodents are attracted to properties that offer easy access to food, water, and shelter. Things like wading pools, clogged gutters, pet dishes, gardens, unsecured trash cans, piles of organic debris, and overgrown landscaping, bushes, or shrubs can all make your property attractive to rodents.

Once on a property, it is only a matter of time before they may find their way inside while foraging for more food and nesting spots. Inside homes rodents can cause a lot of problems including introducing disease, bacteria, and parasites, contaminating food sources and food-prep areas, destroying personal property like pictures, clothing, and furniture, and damaging the structure of your home by chewing through wires, plumbing pipes, insulation, drywall, and flooring.

Two of the most common rodent invaders throughout El Dorado Hills are field mice and roof rats. The best way to prevent problems with mice and rats in your El Dorado Hills home or business is to put into place a year-round pest prevention plan from Pro Active Pest Control. Our experts provide the continuous services needed to get rid of your current rodent problem, and provide routine services and implement exclusion measures to keep them from returning. To learn more about our rodent control service, get in touch with our friendly experts today.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions In El Dorado Hills, CA

At Pro Active Pest Control, we provide our customers with customized green pest control solutions that are guaranteed to meet your El Dorado Hills business’s unique needs. Our eco-friendly commercial pest control services include:

  • Services that are performed by highly trained, state-certified, and friendly professionals
  • A 100% Pest-Free Guarantee
  • Exceptional customer service
  • The use of Integrated Pest Management to control and eliminate pest populations living and breeding in and around your El Dorado Hills commercial facility

To prevent pests from scaring away your customers, lowering your employees’ morale, or damaging your facility and/or business’s reputation, partner with Pro Active Pest Control. Work with our experts to ensure that your business becomes and stays pest-free long into the future. To learn more about protecting your El Dorado Hills business, customers, and employees from pests, reach out to Pro Active Pest Control today.


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