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wolf spider

How Do I Keep Wolf Spiders Away From My Elk Grove Home?

September 13, 2022

What Do Wolf Spiders Look Like? Up close, a wolf spider looks like something straight out of a horror film. If you have a fear of spiders, this pest is not one you want to find indoors. Identify a wolf spider by its ¼ to 1 ⅜” long body, its dark brown color, and the pale or yellow stripes and markings that cover its body. This pest has a large abdomen and small hairs on its body. Like other ground spiders that live in ou... Read More

brown recluse up close

Six Simple Spider Control Tips For Mesa Property Owners

July 3, 2021

Spiders play a vital role in pest reduction, preying on insects we might otherwise find in our homes or yards. However, most homeowners don’t want a spider infestation anywhere near their home. Besides being a nuisance, spider bites cause irritation, pain, and swelling, and may even require a visit to the hospital in a worst case scenario. Mesa, AZ, residents will want to keep on reading for more information on spiders they are likely to... Read More


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