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large carpenter ant on a board

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants On Your Elk Grove Property

December 4, 2021

Carpenter ants are known for their ability to tunnel through wooden structures. However, unlike termites, they don't actually eat the wood. Instead, they make holes through it in order to build their nests. In this guide, you'll learn about the damage carpenter ants cause and get some useful prevention tips.  ... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on wood

What To Do If You Think Your Lincoln, CA Property Has Carpenter Ants

October 28, 2020

Ants might not look dangerous, and in truth, most ant species are completely harmless. There are thousands of ant species across the world, and though they might be small, ants have a huge impact on the environment, including right here in Lincoln, California. But California residents should worry about one ant in particular: the carpenter ant... Read More


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