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a silverfish infestation in a sacramento california home

Sacramento Homeowner's Guide To Keeping Silverfish Out

January 30, 2020

In the world of pests, there are plenty of dangerous creatures that can put your family at risk. However, there are some that look dangerous but are relatively harmless. Silverfish are this way. Despite their creepy appearance, they can’t directly hurt you or your family. However, their presence could indicate issues with your home that might attract other pests, pests that can hurt you. If you spot silverfish in your home, you need to b... Read More

a german cockroach infesttaion in a sacramento california home

The Secret To Keeping German Cockroaches Out Of Your Sacramento Home

January 20, 2020

“Why is there a cockroach in my home!?” “How do I get rid of this cockroach?” and “Will this cockroach put me or my family in danger?” These are valid questions. Cockroaches can spread many dangerous diseases and can contaminate your food, so it’s important to get rid of them immediately.... Read More

a roof rat hiding in the rafter of a sacramento california home

A Quick Guide To Roof Rats In The Greater Sacramento Area 

December 16, 2019

Roof rats have many different names. Some call them black rats, others call them house rats. Back when the fastest mode of transportation was sailing on a ship, people called them ship rats. Out of all of these names, it is hard to determine which fits them best. ... Read More

a cluster of silverfish  infesting a roseville california residential library

Warning: Silverfish in Roseville Could Be A Sign of Larger Problems!

December 6, 2019

There are probably several pests that come to mind when you think about insects you don’t want in your home. Silverfish may be far down on your list because they aren’t as common or obvious as mosquitoes or ants. However, these pests can make their way into your home and be unpleasant to deal with. ... Read More

a house mouse infesting a residential sacramento food pantry

Pest-Proofing Your Sacramento Home For The Winter  

November 15, 2019

Pests do not have many options when winter hits. They are incapable of building tiny fires and they don’t have the intellect to manufacture tiny winter apparel. This leaves them with only two options, to invade our homes or try to survive outside. Naturally, the last thing you want is to share your home with pests through the cold months. ... Read More

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