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an american cockroach in a coffee cup

The Trick To Effective Roach Control In Mesa, AZ

June 14, 2021

Cockroaches have established themselves just about everywhere on Earth, and here in Mesa, AZ we’re no exception. In fact, roaches are one of the most common and persistent pests Mesa home and business owners have to deal with.... Read More

an elk grove puppy scratching at fleas and ticks

The Secret To Keeping Fleas & Ticks Away From Elk Grove Properties

June 11, 2021

If pests had feuds, fleas and ticks would be regular rivals. Why? Because they are both after the same thing, blood. Fortunately for them, there is enough blood to go around and they do not have to compete for it. If you do not want to be attacked by fleas and ticks on your Elk Grove property, here is a simple secret to keeping them away.... Read More

an ant infesttaion on an elk grove sandwich

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Elk Grove Property

June 4, 2021

Ants are such wonderful creatures, are they not? Noone likes ants, especially when they establish their nests inside and around our homes. If you regularly have trouble with these pests on your property, here is how to get them to go away fast. ... Read More

a rat infetstaion on a queen creek property

How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Queen Creek Property 

June 3, 2021

The roof rat (Rattus rattus) is not a native species. These rats are from Asia but were brought to America by English ships carrying settlers. Roof rats became established in the Phoenix area starting in 2001. Roof rats are dangerous. Don’t let them threaten your family or pets. Find your pest solution today. ... Read More

a tick on a human arm

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In Queen Creek

May 23, 2021

What's more interesting is there's more than one type of tick within the arachnid classification; hard ticks, soft ticks, and monotypic ticks. Hard ticks are the most common within the United States, though more often seen on the eastern side, soft ticks can also be found on the western side of the nation.... Read More

pest birds infesting a mesa property

The Best Form Of Bird Control For Your Mesa Property 

May 17, 2021

Birds can be fun to watch. Many people put out food for them. However, when birds nest or loaf around on your house, a tree on your property, or in your landscaping, they can cause a real problem. Because most birds are protected, the situation can be frustrating. ... Read More

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