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10 Easy Tips for Preventing Mouse and Rat Infestation

July 7, 2018

With an early spring on the horizon, it’s time to get a move on preventing mouse and rat infestations in your home. Rodents can cause huge problems for humans. Through mice and rats, you and your family can contract many diseases, and they have the ability to damage your home from the inside out.... Read More

Cold Weather Pest Control

June 27, 2018

While colder weather may bring relief from those flying pests, it certainly doesn’t mean your pest problems are on hiatus. Not all pests become dormant in the cold weather. Those that are still awake and aware are out there are looking for easy access to shelter from the cold, as well as a steady food supply. Does your home check these boxes? If you think it might, you need pest control.... Read More

Pests in the Pantry Pest Control

June 22, 2018

It’s the holiday season. Along with the busy shopping days are nights filled with good food, family, and friends. It’s the worst thing when you’re preparing a dinner for a dozen people to find that your pantry or cupboards have been invaded.... Read More

Storage and Spiders Pest Control El Dorado Hills, CA

June 17, 2018

When the weather outside is chilly in El Dorado Hills, spiders prefer to be inside, just like you. As good as spiders are for natural pest control, it doesn’t mean that you want to share your home with them. During cooler months, you may need spider pest control.... Read More

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