What To Do If Rats Got Into Your Lincoln Home This Winter

February 26, 2024

Lincoln rodent control services can save the day when you find your home occupied by a colony of rats in the middle of winter, and this article is about to explain why. 

There are many different kinds of rodents in this part of the country, and they all have predictable reasons for wanting to come into our homes and stay for as long as possible. 

Unfortunately, removing rats without help is difficult, and each passing day of a rodent problem brings with it some formidable risks, both for you and your home. Despite all this, you can win the fight against winter rats, and it all starts right here. 

Keep reading to learn all about rodent control for rats during the winter season. 


Why Rodent Problems Mount As Winter Arrives

Unfortunately, a rodent infestation is slightly more likely in the winter time. But why is that? Weather is the primary reason. Lower temperatures send rats looking for warmth and shelter. Winter also makes natural food sources more scarce, so rats turn to humans, or rather our houses, to find their food supply. 

It's really as simple as that. Rats use human homes to survive the winter months better. And making matters worse, rodents and rats, in particular, are skilled when it comes to invading homes. 

Rats can use incredibly small openings to sneak into a house, and once they're inside, they can effectively hide behind walls and in other small spaces that we rarely check. 

Now that we've covered the whys of a winter invasion let's talk about the clues that point to a rat's presence. 

Warning Signs That Rodents Might Have Found Your Lincoln Home

Both small rodents and big rodents prefer to stay hidden, but the messes they leave behind can easily reveal their presence. Keep an eye out for these warning signs: 

  • Rodent droppings near baseboards
  • Crude holes in floorboards or walls
  • Torn paper or insulation scraps
  • Scurrying footstep sounds, especially at night
  • Damaged food packaging

It goes without saying, but seeing rats themselves, alive or otherwise, anywhere in your home or on your property is a clear sign of an active rat problem. Rats are typically pack animals, so seeing just one is a hint that more are nearby. 

Downsides Of DIY Rodent Treatments

DIY rodent control, meaning rodent control efforts that don’t involve trained professionals or commercial equipment, is generally not recommended partially because DIY control can potentially be dangerous. 

Purchasing certain controlled substances, whether in stores or online, presents risks. These substances can be dangerous, especially if you haven’t worked with them before. Even physical traps can be dangerous to have in the home, particularly if you happen to own pets or have small children. 

But in addition to the dangers of DIY rodent control, these efforts are also far less likely to be successful when compared to professional control methods. Even if you successfully capture or remove one or two rats, which is challenging in its own right, there will no doubt be many more rats that remain out of reach. We recommend working with professionals instead. 

Your Rat Removal Expert In Lincoln

At long last: how to get rid of rodents. As we discussed, our general recommendation for Lincoln area residents experiencing rodent problems is to partner with a reliable, local pest control service. 

Professionals can offer fast and efficient service while also maintaining the safety of your home, promptly removing rats and ensuring no other rodents are hiding around the property. 

If you’re looking for rodent control near you, Pro Active Pest Control can help. Call us today to get started. 


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