Understanding Fleas In Elk Grove And How To Treat Infestations

February 4, 2024

Flea bites are a part of life for homeowners in Elk Grove. But one or two bites are different from an infestation – and if you have pets that go outside, you may be at higher risk for attack.

We wrote this guide to flea control in Elk Grove, so you don’t have to worry about what to do next. Not only do we cover the identification of infestations, but we also cover some attractant factors that could be leading these pests toward your home.

If you don’t yet have a flea infestation, we outline some of our most effective prevention tips. If you’re struggling with an infestation, we explain how Pro Active Pest Control can provide eco-friendly treatments.

Let’s get started.


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Do You Have A Flea Problem?

As mentioned earlier, there’s a big difference between the occasional flea bite and a full-on pest infestation. A walk in the woods or running through tall grass could give you a few itchy bites, but if you or your pet are constantly itching, there’s a good chance you’re facing more than unlucky exposure.

You may have a flea problem if:

  • Your pet shows signs of infestation (hair loss, continuous scratching, flea ‘dirt’ on skin, or signs of lethargy).
  • You spot many small bites around your feet or ankles that may or may not be grouped together.
  • You fail the ‘white socks’ test – put on white socks and walk through an infested area to see if fleas hop onto the fabric.

With your flea infestation now clearly identified, you may be wondering how it all happened in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some common flea attractant factors in the section below.

What Attracts Fleas To Elk Grove Properties?

Fleas are relatively hardy pests capable of living both inside and outside our homes. They mostly need access to food to survive, which includes cats, dogs, and potentially you.

Once a flea registers feeding signals (such as heat, light, movement, or CO2), it begins hopping toward the source in hopes of finding a host. They can live for several months on pets, birds, and livestock. They can also feed liberally on humans, even if they can’t actually nest on our skin or in our hair.

Other flea attractant factors include the presence of tall grass, wildlife animal activity, and piles of organic matter. As you can see, if you truly want to prevent these pests from showing up in your home, you need to be extremely diligent about applying flea prevention steps.

Let’s look at a few of these below.

Preventative Tips To Keep The Fleas At Bay

Trying to remove a flea infestation is much more difficult than keeping one at bay.

Here are some suggestions from Pro Active Pest Control to prevent these pests from getting inside:

  • Treat all pets with proper flea and tick preventatives, including oral medications, topical ointments, and similar products.
  • Mow your yard frequently and reduce standing water to remove pest harborage zones and wildlife activity.
  • Contact the team at Pro Active Pest Control for seasonal flea treatments in at-risk areas of your home.

You can contact Pro Active Pest Control today to request a free quote.

Let The Experts Take The Stress Out Of Flea Control

For dependable Elk Grove flea control services, look no further than Pro Active Pest Control. We are the area’s expert on all things flea management and offer eco-friendly services for a pest-free tomorrow.

You can learn more about our approach to local flea control by submitting an online contact form. We look forward to booking a service with you and discussing opportunities for both prevention and treatment.


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