Rodent Woes: A Comprehensive Guide To Solving Elk Grove Infestation Issues

March 4, 2024

A rodent infestation can occur in any Elk Grove home at any time of the year. While the majority of the world’s rodent species live in environments well away from people, some have adapted to living with people. Rodents are intelligent creatures and have discovered the fortune our yards and homes provide in food, water, and safe shelter. 

By partnering with Pro Active Pest Control, you can be sure you will receive effective rodent control in Elk Grove. Professional rodent control is vital to keeping these common pests away from your home now and in the future. Read here to learn some practical information about rodents and rodent infestations. 

rodent droppings in home

Know The Warning Signs Of Rodent Activity

When rodents find their way into your home, there are telltale signs that alert homeowners to their presence. Learning common warning signs of rodent activity is key to eliminating these pests quickly and limiting the serious problems they cause. 

Warning signs of rodent activity:

  • Gnaw marks or holes in food packaging
  • Dark rodent droppings in places like cabinets, drawers, closets, and on floors
  • Gnaw marks on furniture, baseboards, wooden trim, or cabinets
  • An unpleasant, musty odor in certain areas of your home
  • Pets in your home, like cats or dogs, suddenly have an unwavering interest in a particular area of your home

As soon as you suspect that rodents are in your home, immediately reach out for help from the rodent control experts at Pro Active Pest Control. 

Rodents On The Property Is A Major Risk

When rodents find their way to our properties, they become an immediate hazard. Rodents like mice and rats cause significant damage to gardens, crops, and the structure of our homes. In addition to the destruction and damage they cause, rodents and the parasites they carry on their backs, like fleas and ticks, introduce serious health risks.As rodents scavenge for food, they constantly come into contact with many types

of bacteria and unsavory human pathogens. After rodents enter homes, they introduce diseases and bacteria to food, surfaces, and to you and your family. 

It is essential that homeowners deal with a rodent infestation quickly to minimize the risks these pests introduce. Pro Active Pest Control offers fast action against rodents; never hesitate to give us a call and learn how we can work together to eliminate rodents from your property!

Why Effective Rodent Control Is So Important

Partnering with a local professional who can deliver effective rodent control is essential. Finding and removing all the rodents causing a problem on your property is vital. If the entire infestation isn’t found and removed, the infestation will quickly return. At Pro Active Pest Control, we develop custom plans to solve rodent problems and provide the continuous services necessary to guard your Elk Grove property against them long-term. Contact us today to learn more about our year-round pest control solutions backed by a 100% guarantee!

Five Easy Tips To Prevent Future Rodent Infestations

Preventing rodents isn’t an easy task. Rodents are intelligent and agile and want to take advantage of the food and shelter found in our homes. To help make your property less appealing to rodents, use the following five rodent prevention tips to guard your home against these unwanted pests:

  • Inspect your home’s exterior, sealing gaps and cracks.
  • Make sure indoor and outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids to prevent rodents from using them as foraging sites.
  • Store pantry items in plastic or glass containers with airtight lids instead of their original packaging.
  • Repair damage to doors and windows and install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Maintain your yard, keeping the grass cut short and removing wood piles and other debris to help avoid attracting rodents to your property.

The best way to prevent rodents is to partner with Pro Active Pest Control. Pick up the phone and give us a call to learn about Elk Grove rodent control.


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