Problems Birds Cause For Mesa Homes And Businesses In Winter

February 24, 2024

We’d like to talk to you about bird control in Mesa for a little while so you’ll know what to do when you notice a bird problem around your home or your business. As you’ll soon find out, birds are unlike any other kind of pest, which also means they must be dealt with in unique ways. 

Winter also presents unique factors that influence pest bird activity, and believe us when we say you don’t want to ignore a bird problem for an extended time for reasons we’ll be getting into later. 

The good news is that you can take tangible, meaningful steps to address bird problems on your property. This article will explain those steps, as well as offer an explanation for why birds tend to become a bigger problem during the winter. So join us for a quick and easy introduction to the whys and hows of pest bird control.   


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Factors That Could Bring Winter Bird Activity

Pest birds in Mesa can sometimes be more active during the winter months, or rather, they start to affect human homes more directly. The primary reason for this is that winter brings weather conditions that are challenging for various species of birds. 

Though many species can live outdoors throughout much of the year, winter can send these same birds searching for more viable shelter. And you’ve probably already guessed that often results in birds trying to nest in or near human homes or businesses. 

Buildings offer a number of different potential nesting locations. If nothing is preventing the birds from creating a nest in or near one of these buildings, then they will be more than happy to stay, likely causing some form of damage in the process. Let’s discuss that potential for damage in greater detail.  

Problems Birds Cause For Property Owners

So, what are the kinds of problems that pest birds can actually cause for homeowners and property owners in Mesa? Unfortunately, there are quite a few. 

Bird droppings are an obvious issue caused by a nearby bird presence. For both homes and businesses, droppings can be off-putting, to say the least. But it doesn’t end there. Bird droppings are also generally high in acidity; this means bird droppings, if not cleaned right away, can start to wear away at various materials, including different types of wood and metals. 

Birds’ nesting instinct is another source of problems. Birds may choose to pull apart building materials to create their nests, and they might also build a nest in a location that causes further issues. For example, a nest built in a building’s gutters can easily block water flow, so when the rain comes, even more problems start to arise.  

Fortunately, residential bird control services can mitigate or completely eliminate these problems. 

Tips To Minimize Pest Bird Activity

Bird control truly starts with effective prevention and mitigation activities. We’ve gathered a handful of highly useful tips for minimizing pest bird activity around your home or business, such as: 

  • Install deterrents such as CD decorations or a motorized mock owl
  • Repair any damage or openings in your roof or siding
  • Place screens on exposed vents and chimneys
  • Use gutter covers whenever possible
  • Install bird netting in problem areas   

Birds may still show interest in your property, but in many instances, they will choose to visit a different location that isn’t as well-protected. 

The Experts For Bird Control In Mesa

Professionals can use modern bird control methods and equipment to safely remove birds from your property so you can return to business as usual. Bird control providers can also offer personalized advice for keeping birds away in the future. 

For bird control near you, contact Pro Active Pest Control right away.  


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