Ant Removal Essentials: Strategies To Eradicate Infestations In Mesa

March 24, 2024

As social creatures that will form massive nests (colonies) in residential environments, ants who are out foraging for food often infiltrate the homes of Mesa residents. Ants are insects with three body regions or segments: the thorax, head, and abdomen. Ants in this region generally range in size from 1/8 of an inch to nearly 1 inch long and appear in colors such as yellow, tan, red, brown, and black.

Are you tired of battling ants that have entered your home? To prevent ant invasions from worsening, homeowners should seek professional assistance. The recommended course of action starts by consulting with Pro Active Pest Control, an expert in residential ant control in Mesa, regarding an onsite property assessment. 


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Identifying Ant Entry Points

Are you looking for answers regarding how to keep ants out of your house? One of the first steps involves locating any existing vulnerabilities that may allow ants to infiltrate your home. Consider the following best practices for preventing their undesirable insects:

  • Use durable caulk or sealant to fill any emerging cracks or crevices that develop around the external base of the structure.
  • Promptly repair any damaged window screens and apply weatherstripping to fill any openings around window frames.
  • Place full-length sweeps along the bases of any entry doors with gaps that might allow intrusion.

In addition to implementing sound exclusionary measures, those who achieve optimal results with ant prevention typically will also limit attractants. Minimizing attractants begins in the exterior area around the home by cleaning up thoroughly after cookouts and never placing pet food bowls on patios or decks. Regular cleaning habits, especially in the kitchen, are also critical.

The Many Issues Ants Can Cause In Your Home

Fortunately, most ant species represent types of nuisance pests—not a direct threat to human health. However, fire ants are a species that will form colonies in yard areas and will bite or sting individuals who disturb their nest, often attacking in large numbers.

Do ants carry disease? Once inside your Mesa area home, ants may pose risks such as shigella, salmonellosis, and E. coli. 

Based on the aforementioned potential risks, homeowners who initially notice the presence of ants should respond quickly by speaking with a licensed pest control company.

Why DIY Ant Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Many property owners in Mesa assume that the store-bought home ant control options are sufficient ways of eliminating infestations. In many cases, these individuals find that the sprays, traps, and other mass-marketed products generate only short-term results.

Rather than trying do-it-yourself methods of expelling ants, local property owners should speak with a qualified pest management expert. When it comes to fast and effective ant control for homeowners in Mesa, Pro Active Pest Control is the smart choice. Our team of seasoned technicians knows how to get rid of tiny ants that are hiding in hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Ant Control Done Right: Call The Experts For Complete Ant Control

Are you in need of professional ant removal services in Mesa? With many years of experience in the realm of residential pest management, Pro Active Pest Control will assist those in Mesa who are enduring difficult infestations involving unwanted ants and other insects.

In addition to ants, our qualified team of service pros is trained and properly equipped to help remove termites, nuisance birds, rodents, and various other creatures that cause problems for Mesa residents. After conducting an inspection, we will create a truly customized treatment plan. While we strive to get quick results, we will not compromise the safety of our customers, their pets, or the local environment.

For further details regarding our pest control solutions, contact our office today.


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