Advanced Techniques For Superior Spider Management In Lincoln

March 9, 2024

Spiders are pests no one enjoys sharing their home with. These eight-legged, fast-moving arachnids are startling to spot scurrying across your house’s surfaces. If you are at a loss for why and how spiders keep getting into your Lincoln home, Pro Active Pest Control professionals are here to help. We offer top-notch spider control in Lincoln and are committed to helping homeowners learn about spiders and providing spider control solutions that result in peace of mind and a spider-free home. Read here for helpful information about spiders in Lincoln. 

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Identifying Spiders In The Lincoln Area

Many spiders call the Lincoln area home. Some, like the wolf spider, are large and hairy; some, like the black widow spider, are shiny and hairless, and others, like the cellar spider, have a small body and extremely long, thin legs. 

As spiders scurry throughout your home, getting a good look and identifying the species can be challenging. Even if the spider is quietly hanging out on a wall, it can be difficult to determine what type of spider has found its way into your home. If spiders regularly appear in your home, the best way to identify the exact species, remove them, and prevent future issues with spiders is to contact a local pest control professional.  

How Spiders In The House Could Mean A Bigger Problem

Discovering a problem with California spiders in your home is usually just the tip of the iceberg. Spiders are predators that hunt and feed on insects and other pests. Like other predators, spiders like to live in areas that support healthy populations of their prey. Therefore, if spiders live successfully in your home, so is their insect prey. A spider infestation often acts as an alert to an overall pest problem on a property. 

In addition, many spiders and insects are drawn to areas of moisture. When spiders and insects are comfortable in your house, it can indicate a moisture issue. Poor ventilation, leaky roofs, and dripping pipes provide the humidity many pests are drawn to. 

Pro Active Pest Control offers the support you need when spiders and their insect prey make it impossible for you and your family to feel comfortable in your home. We are here to help you remove these unwanted pests from your Lincoln property. 

Five Easy Tips To Prevent Future Spider Problems

Take advantage of the following spider prevention tips to help keep these unwanted pests from becoming an issue inside your home:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior and foundation walls that offer easy entrance points for spiders and their insect prey.
  • Make sure door sweeps and screens are in place and intact.
  • Cut back tree branches, bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation from your home that spiders can hide within and use as a highway system.
  • Inspect things like plant pots that have been outside for hiding spiders before bringing them inside.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen. Food debris attracts insects like flies, ants, and cockroaches that spiders like to hunt and use as a food source.

Despite your best efforts, if spiders find their way into your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you solve your spider problem before these arachnids take over your house. 

The Key To Total Spider Control For Lincoln Homes

Spiders are a vital part of the ecosystem; these predators help control populations of problematic insects that can cause harm to people, property, and crops. When spiders live outside, they typically cause people no issues; however, as soon as they cross the threshold into our home, they become instant pests. 

As soon as you spot spiders crawling throughout your home regularly, it is time to take action. The best way to control spiders in your Lincoln home is with the help of an experienced and committed professional. At Pro Active Pest Control, our specialists offer local spider control solutions backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please call us today to learn more about controlling spiders in your home through our year-round pest protection plans.


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