Are Rats Terrorizing Your Elk Grove Home?


California is home to common rat species, including Norway and roof rats. They adapt well to life on our properties, where they scavenge for food and trim their teeth on our walls and wires. Their rapid reproduction and the pathogens they carry make them incredibly problematic pests.

This article on rat control in Elk Grove covers what you need to know about these scavengers, including the species local to the area and the problems they can create. We will also review strategies for DIY rat control and the best way to eliminate an intrusion.

Common Rats Found Inside Homes: Identifying The Culprit

Roof rats and Norway rats are common culprits in Elk Grove homes. Here's how you can tell them apart. Roof rats are also known as black rats. They have sleek, dark fur, large ears, and a long tail. They are great climbers who often enter homes through overhanging branches and utility lines.

Norway rats are sometimes called brown rats. They have a stockier build, a shorter tail, and shaggy brown or gray fur. They are burrowers who typically invade through foundation gaps and tend to take over the basement.

Both species are prolific breeders who can create many problems inside our homes.

The Many Problems A Rat Infestation Can Create In Your Home

Rats are notorious for causing structural damage. They often gnaw on everything from electrical wires to wooden beams and insulation to trim their ever-growing teeth and build their nests. This destructive behavior can increase the risk of electrical fires and lead to expensive repairs.

Also, remember that rats carry many diseases they can transmit to us as we contact contaminated surfaces or inhale airborne particles.

Additionally, rats are prolific breeders. A small rat infestation will quickly become a more significant problem, exacerbating the damage they cause and making eradication more challenging.

Finally, rats will cause your home to become unhygienic as they leave droppings and urine throughout. They can also attract other pests. While you might want to rely on DIY rat control strategies, this approach can quickly backfire.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Rat Control

Do-it-yourself rat control is tempting for its supposed cost-saving benefits. Unfortunately, this strategy often brings a host of hassles and challenges.

First, identifying the rat infestation type is crucial to implementing the right strategies. You could waste time on ineffective products if you struggle to differentiate between species. Over-the-counter treatments can also be hazardous to pets and children.

Also, remember that rats are intelligent creatures. You will likely need more than DIY methods to address their adaptable behavior. They can quickly learn to avoid traps or baits, while inadequate sealing of entry points will result in recurring intrusions. Trying to tackle the issue alone can leave you with persistent rodent problems.

When you work with professionals, you can address the root causes of your infestation with a nuanced approach that ensures a more thorough solution. DIY methods might offer temporary relief, but with our help, you will achieve long-term rat control safely.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Rat Problem

The best way to get rid of rats is to work with professionals. Pro Active Pest Control will tackle your rat intrusion in many ways. We will inspect your home from the basement to the attic, addressing current factors and potential future entry points. Our customized plans include monitoring, preventive treatments, and a focus on physical interventions to minimize chemicals.

We also emphasize rodent exclusion services with a two-year warranty and clean-out options to address insulation damage and sanitation after treatments. Our follow-up services ensure ongoing protection with free re-treatments between regular visits if needed.

Are rats taking over your home? Pro Active Pest Control will remove the most challenging infestation with a team of state-certified rat exterminators. Let's get started.