What It Takes To Completely Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Lincoln Home


A roach infestation is the last thing you would want to deal with. Cockroaches are as disgusting as they are dangerous, and they are some of the most invasive pests in the world.

There are over 4,500 different types of cockroaches, with 55 calling the US home. Common species include German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. You need to learn how to identify the different roaches and contact pest control in Lincoln before they create an infestation in your home. 

How To Identify A Cockroach

Cockroaches are insects under the Order Blattodea. They remain one of the most primitive bugs and appear much similar to those found in fossils over 320 million years old. Here are tips to help you identify them: 

  • All cockroaches have characteristic flat, oval-shaped bodies.
  • The roaches come in different sizes, from 1/2 inch to nearly three inches in length.
  • Most species appear reddish-brown, but you can also find black or dark brown species.
  • Nymphs are typically white immediately after molting.
  • Males have two pairs of wings, while females in particular species have vestigial or no wings.
  • Females often carry around oothecae: egg cases that contain eggs that protrude from their body surface.

If you cannot identify the bugs in your home accurately, call in a cockroach exterminator in Lincoln to help point out the particular species. 

Having Roaches In Your Home Is A Hazard To Your Health

A cockroach infestation isn't just gross - it also poses a serious threat to your health. As the roaches move from sewers, drains, and other unsanitary areas into your homes, they can pick up dangerous bacteria and viruses. The pathogens can make you sick if you consume them on contaminated foods or pick them up on surfaces. Common infections the cockroaches spread include:

  • Dysentery
  • Salmonellosis 
  • Listeriosis
  • Cholera

Additionally, the shed cockroach exoskeleton and frass can worsen respiratory allergies such as Asthma. Some allergic individuals can develop eczema after coming into contact with the frass. Keep your family safe with a professional cockroach remedy. 

DIY Cockroach Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

DIY cockroach removal is more complicated than you may think. Here's why:

1. DIY methods are not guaranteed to work. 
Effectively eliminating an infestation of roaches requires knowledge, experience, and the proper tools. It’s not something that you can achieve with a one-size-fits-all approach or store-bought "remedies." Just because a product says it kills roaches doesn't mean it will get rid of your problem.

2. You fail to identify the source of the roach infestation. 
Only someone qualified as a pest management expert can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the proper treatment plan for cockroach extermination. Professionals know how to identify the cockroach species in your home and where to look for any nests made in your home's structure.

3. You use the wrong products or use them incorrectly.
Many DIY pest control products do not specify how much should be used per square foot. This leaves homeowners guessing about application amounts, often leading to overuse or underuse. Using too much pesticide can worsen the situation by killing off all insects except for those resistant to the product being used. And using too little will result in ineffective measures, plus wasted money on bogus treatments. 

The Call To Make For Total Cockroach Control For Your Home

The best way to kill cockroaches in your Lincoln home is to use professional pest exterminators. Pro Active Pest Control can send experts over to your home to identify the specific species invading your home. We will also recommend the proper treatment plan to eradicate the nasty bugs. 

Our trained technicians can also put up measures that ensure the roaches do not return to your property. Contact us now to schedule a home visit in Lincoln.