Why Are German Cockroaches So Hard To Get Rid Of In My Roseville Home?

A German cockroach crawling on the floor

There are many reasons to keep a pest-free home in Roseville and surrounding areas, especially when an infestation from these insectile instigators can lead to more and more pest problems over time.

The German cockroach is considered to be the worst species of cockroach for many reasons. Their long, dark antenna and light brown to tan coloration make them difficult to spot scuttling around in dark, cluttered areas of a home. But two distinctive black marks between the head and thorax give this species of roach a strong identifying mark, helping homeowners differentiate this bug from other types of destructive household pests.

There are three specific reasons why the German cockroach is considered to be the worst of all common American roaches, namely:

  • Their penchant for destruction and damage wherever they roam. This includes infecting food sources and food-preparation surfaces with parasites and bacteria while they crawl over and consume them.
  • Large populations of roaches will very quickly lower the value of a home, destroying both the homeowner's physical and financial well-being. 
  • The speed and ease at which German cockroaches can infest a home or business. Roaches need very little space in order to squirm into a potential habitat, only requiring enough room to poke their heads through before squeezing themselves inside. This means that any crack, gap, or fissure in the foundation of your home can be a potential entry point for a cockroach infestation of the worst degree.
  • The incredible lengths homeowners need to strive for when trying to root German cockroaches out.
  • This roach’s fast reproductive cycle, along with a strong carapace that is resistant to many types of pest control, will ensure the colony’s survival for months or even years to come.

Without a doubt, a German cockroach infestation is a dangerous circumstance that should be dealt with immediately with help from your local pest control experts.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations In Roseville Homes and Businesses

Cockroaches may not necessarily have an ‘on’ or ‘off’ season here in the southwest, but there are certain tips that Roseville residents can follow to ensure their protection from these nefarious neighbors especially during the winter season.

One of the largest attractants for German cockroaches includes smelly, rotting, and otherwise available garbage within the home. Dispose of your trash regularly, opting to wash all dishes and food surfaces as often as possible.

German cockroaches, like many other types of household insects, are highly attracted to moisture in the air. Homes with chronic moisture issues should use a dehumidifier in problem rooms or investigate for underlying issues such as leaking pipes and faucets.

Any crack or crevice provides a chance for pests such as cockroaches to scuttle into the home. Seal, caulk, and weatherproof all doors and windows that could be adding to your cockroach infestation.

Concerned that your cockroach concerns may be more extensive than you thought? Contact the professional pest control experts today to schedule a complimentary and no-obligation home inspection now.

Pest Control Begins With Pro Active

Thanks to their impenetrable chitin shells and rapid growth cycles, German cockroaches may seem impossible to get rid of. Without the proper techniques and treatment options, a roach problem in the home can pose more and more dangers to the ones you love most. Refuse to gamble with the health and wellness of your family or customers by calling the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control now. Serving the residents of Roseville and beyond with decades of experience and pest expertise, Pro Active is ready and waiting to restore your home to the pest-free state you deserve.