What Elk Grove Property Owners Ought To Know About Field Mice

A mouse foraging

Rodents like mice and rats are such common invaders of human properties that we call them a variety of names based on all the places where we encounter them. From house mice to field mice, it matters less what they're called and more what they can do to your health and property. Learning more about pesky pests will help you avoid the larger problems they cause.

What Are Field Mice?

Field mice, or deer mice, are largely the same as house mice -- a common rodent to invade human properties. They thrive off our waste and the shelter that structures provide, making field mice only a temporary nickname for rodents that look for ways inside homes and businesses. During the spring and summer, they can survive outdoors, hiding in tall grasses and burrowing into the dirt. Once the weather cools, however, they look for shelter from the cold by finding any way they can to gain access to your interior. Once inside they nest in walls and storage areas, really any tight space with low light and easy access to other areas of the property, where food and water can be found. Even outdoors they can take advantage of debris or clutter to make homes out of yard piles, sheds, barns, or other areas where they can be safe from predators and close to an easy meal.

Dangers Of Mice On Your Property

Mice aren’t just freeloading pests that like to glom onto human properties, they are also dangerous health hazards and damaging to your property. Here are just some of the ways mice can be a greater problem than you may think:

  • Damage: Mice can damage exterior walls to gain access to structures, not to mention the extensive damage they cause with their teeth by constantly biting on any hard surfaces they can find.
  • Disease: Vermin that spend much of their lives outdoors can not only carry diseases but also track in other dangerous pests, like ticks and fleas. Avoiding rodents is really about avoiding the harmful health hazards they can pose.
  • Population: Mice reproduce quickly and grow up fast, meaning a small family of rodents can quickly turn into a thriving population. Only by addressing an infestation quickly and correctly can you hope to ever get out ahead of their numbers.

Mouse Prevention Tips & Tricks

Protecting your property from mice is a good way to generally reduce your risk of pest problems. However, professional assistance is always recommended, since only the experts know how to properly tackle these prevention steps:

  • Food storage: Just because they prefer to stay outdoors doesn’t mean field mice aren’t still looking for ways inside to get at stored food or crumbs left behind. Proper food security and deep cleaning for messes will reduce pest activity.
  • Trash storage: Field mice often raid exterior garbage cans for morsels of food, so it’s important to maintain secure bins both inside and outdoors.
  • Crack sealing: A tiny hole or crack in your wall can quickly be turned into a gaping opening by mice that will pick and dig at faults in order to gain access to the inside. Proper exterior maintenance and routinely checking for faults is important.

More Help From Pro Active Pest Control

Field mice are dual threats because they can thrive outdoors during much of the year and then find ways indoors to survive the winter, making them year-round concerns. Rather than worrying about what pests might be lurking out in the tall grass, turn to the expert guidance of Pro Active Pest Control. Our trained staff can inspect your property high and low for signs of rodents or other problems that might lead to future infestations. We’ll not only address them promptly, we’ll follow up with you to make sure your property stays free of field mice and other dangerous pests.

Keep field mice at bay with the superior protection offered at Pro Active Pest Control. Contact us today to get started.