The Key To Effective Rat Control For Lincoln Properties

Rat on a rusty pipe in the dark.

Rats are a rampant pest problem here in Lincoln, California. They love to invade local structures and are a menace with their dirty and destructive habits. Assuming you don't want these rodents anywhere near your home, we have some things for you to consider today.

Here is the key to rat pest control in Lincoln and why you should avoid DIY methods. Contact Pro Active Pest Control if you need fast, professional help to deal with a pest infestation. Our team offers fast and reliable options to combat local rodents and would be happy to visit you.

How To Identify A Rat Infestation

There are two ways to identify rats inside your home. The first involves checking for signs of rats yourself. Here are a few basic signs to check for:

  • Urine pillars on piping and floors near areas where rats are sheltering.
  • Fecal droppings inside pantries, cabinets, basements, and other areas rats hide or feed.
  • Scampering noises late at night when rats are scavenging for food and moisture.
  • A live rat crawling through your home.
  • Damage to your home's furniture, clothing, paper, walls, and other items.

The second method for rat identification involves bringing in a professional. Our Pro Active Pest Control team are experts at identifying these pests and are standing by if you want our assistance.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Create

There is a good reason many people refer to rats as vermin. These invasive rodents cause serious problems when they invade local structures. The two biggest problems associated with vermin rats include property damage and the spread of disease; these large rodents damage property with their sharp teeth. They chew holes through walls and boxes, gnaw on the legs of furniture, sever electrical wires inside wall voids, damage water piping, and tear up insulation, fabrics, and paper to gather materials for their nests. 

As for disease, rats regularly pick up sickness vectors from dirty places and food no human eats. Common diseases these pests spread include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat bite fever, and this isn't even considering the many sicknesses spread by the fleas and ticks rats carry indoors. 

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Rat Control

It doesn't matter if you have rats inside your walls, rats in your attic, or in any other part of your home; these pests are hard to handle. They run away when faced with danger and reproduce so rapidly that most store-bought traps cannot catch them fast enough. On top of this, rats won't go near traps after they learn how dangerous they are. If you have a new infestation and want to try DIY, we recommend snap traps baited with peanut butter. This chemical-free method can be effective but will not stop larger infestations of these pests. For guaranteed results in dealing with an active problem inside your home, do not be afraid to get our team involved. 

The Ultimate Rat Control Solution In Lincoln

Now that you know more about the rats in Lincoln, we want to share one thing with you. These pests are not difficult to deal with when you have a professional on your side. Our team at Pro Active Control has advanced rodent control options and would be more than happy to visit you and address your problems. If you are looking for year-round protection from rodents and other pests, we have options for that as well.

Contact our team today for a free quote or if you have questions about our services or want to schedule your Lincoln home for a visit.