How To Seal Off Spider Entry Points In And Around Your Mesa Home

House spider crawling in the basement.

Spiders don't find their way into your home by accident. If you see an increase in spider activity, it's because spiders can gain entry into your living spaces from the outside. These breaches often go unnoticed by homeowners, who often underestimate spiders and how pest-proof their property really is. 
At Pro Active Pest Control, we deliver the most advanced pest control in Mesa to effectively eliminate spiders in and around your home. We understand how spiders found in homes can be an unsettling or frightening experience. That's why we need to eradicate arachnids quickly while ensuring they don't return. Read further to learn more about spiders and how to prevent them from invading your residence. 

Typical Entry Points For House Spiders

Many homeowners miscalculate the stealth of spiders. These creatures can access the inside of your home through the tiniest opening, hole, or gap. So, if you've never thoroughly examined your home for possible pest breaches, it could leave you perplexed, wondering how arachnids got inside. Let's look at some of the most common spider entry points:

  • Gaps under doors, especially without sweeps
  • Openings or cracks in your home's foundation
  • Tears or slits on screens
  • Spaces around window and door frames
  • Crevices around plumbing and utilities

Also, people can unknowingly bring spiders inside their homes by bringing outdoor plants and wood logs indoors. Holes and cracks in weatherstripping allow spiders easy access into your home. Once you discover the breaches, you can close them off and consistently prevent spiders in the home.

Help! Are Spiders Breeding Inside My Home?

Autumn is the time of year when homeowners usually see a rise in spider sightings in and around their property. When temperatures drop, spiders begin to mate. Although many people usually see spiders all year round, the chances of seeing more increase during fall. If your home includes dark and dank quiet spaces, then you offer the ideal accommodations for spiders to lay their eggs. And if those areas are dusty, that makes the environment even better. Depending on the species, a female spider can lay several egg sacs containing 100 to 200 eggs per sac. That could amount to many spiders inside your home once they've matured.

If you are noticing spiders in your Mesa home, contact the pest specialist at Pro Active Pest Control today.

How To Seal Off Spider Entry Points

Before you can seal spider entry points in your home, you must pinpoint the breaches. Start by checking your exterior windows, doors, and vents for gaps, cracks, and spaces. Install new screens or replace damaged ones. Put in door sweeps if you don't have them. Apply weather stripping where necessary. Examine the openings near your utilities and electrical wiring, and fill them with soft cement, steel wool, caulk, or foam. Wire mesh can cover the vents on your roof, attic, or crawl spaces. If you would like more guidance or a comprehensive inspection of your property, please get in touch with Pro Active Pest Control to schedule an appointment. 

Professional Spider Control In Mesa Made Easy

The best way to get rid of spiders is to enlist the services of a professional pest elimination company. They have the knowledge and skillset to eradicate different kinds of spiders fast. Additionally, experienced technicians educate their customers on how to prevent pest infestations in the future. The guidance that industry specialists can provide is invaluable.  

At Pro Active Pest Control, we're passionate about creating safe and comfortable pest-free environments for our Mesa residents. Our commitment to your 100% satisfaction means we haven't finished our job until your pest problem is gone. We offer complimentary estimates, so reach out today to request yours!