Rodent Control Strategies For Queen Creek Homes

A brown rat outside

Rodents are some of the most common pests in Queen Creek. While you might spend more time being worried about insects such as ants or arachnids like spiders, rats and mice are two of the pest species that you really need to take the time to prevent. Both of these rodents in Queen Creek can be dangerous to have around and can also damage your property. For these reasons, it’s vital to know all you can about rodent control and effective prevention strategies. 

What Type Of Rodents Invade Queen Creek Homes?

Mice and rats are the two most prevalent species, but occasionally squirrels can cause problems, too. Both mice and rats cause similar issues, but you will not be likely to have both at the same time.

One of the main questions many homeowners have is how to identify mice and rats. It can be difficult to tell them apart, especially from a distance, but there are some characteristics to look for. First of all, mice are smaller but have longer, thinner tails than rats in proportion to their bodies. Second, mice have pointier muzzles and larger eyes, while rats have blunter muzzles and smaller ears compared to their body size.

When learning how to identify mice and rats, also remember that most mice are brownish-grey in color, while rats can range from brownish-grey to black depending on the species. 

What Rodents Are Looking For In Queen Creek Homes

The main reason why rats and mice are both such common pests in Queen Creek homes is that they are dependent on humans for their survival. Both species will do their best to find shelter inside manufactured buildings, and they rely on the access to food and water that we provide them. They can survive in many kinds of structures and live on small crumbs, but they prefer areas with many things to eat and many places to hide.

Prevention Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Queen Creek Homes

Rodents can be difficult to prevent, but there are some steps you can take to deter them. Mainly, you need to focus on removing or reducing the factors that attract them. Here are some specific tips and tricks you can follow:

  • Clean up clutter around your property and inside your home; this means items like cardboard boxes and organic debris like mulch and old produce. 
  • Reduce moisture problems around the yard by removing standing water and cleaning rain gutters. Then, you can handle moisture problems inside by repairing leaky plumbing.
  • Wipe up food and drink spills immediately.
  • Keep your kitchen cleaned and sweep and mop floors often.
  • Seal up holes in the walls and foundation using wire mesh or steel wool products.
  • Get caps for chimneys.
  • Seek out residential pest control experts for more assistance. 

The Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control In Queen Creek

While there are rodent prevention steps you can take on your own, once rodents are inside, they are very difficult to remove using DIY methods. The best way to get comprehensive rodent control is with assistance from Pro Active Pest Control. We know just how invasive and potentially dangerous these pests can be, and we will remove the entire infestation in no time. Then, we devise a residential pest control plan that will keep rodents away throughout the year.

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