Tips To Deal With Mice And Rats In Mesa

Mouse outside

Mesa, Arizona, is not only appealing to residents and tourists, but mice and rats can’t get enough of the area, too. These rodents make it their mission to share in the comfortable accommodations you relish. Thankfully, Pro Active Pest Control delivers the most effective pest control in Mesa to wipe out rodent infestations fast. No homeowner wants to contract any disease mice carry or rats or risk significant property damage by these pests. Read on to learn more about these rodents and ways to prevent them from coming around. 

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents In Mesa

Residents aren’t the only ones who enjoy living in Mesa. Rodents of all kinds have an affinity for the area as well. Several rodents commonly found in Mesa include various species of rats and mice, beavers, squirrels, and gophers. However, you’re likely to see rats and mice trying to intrude into structures the most. The house mouse, pack rat, deer mice, and roof rats are mice and rodent species you will likely encounter around homes and businesses.
Contact your local pest control specialist for assistance if you see mice or rats around your property.

Rodents Can Be Dangerous

Mice and rats are dangerous for various reasons. For starters, they can carry and transmit a surfeit of diseases that can make you and your entire household ill. These infections include leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), hantavirus, Salmonella, rat bite fever, and Tularemia. Also, you can get sick without direct contact with the rodents. Their excrement creates particles that become airborne and float through air vents that you will eventually inhale. 
Additionally, rodents have cost homeowners thousands of dollars in property damage by gnawing through utility wiring, electronic devices, fabrics, home interiors and structures, and much more. Therefore, contact Pro Active Pest Control immediately if you see rodents on your property.

Prevention Tips For Mice And Rats Are Very Similar 

The best pest control for mice and rats starts with prevention. When it comes to thwarting mice and rat invasions, it’s a two-for-one resolution. Even though they are two different rodent species, rats and mice invade homes and commercial spaces for similar reasons: food, water, and shelter. Therefore, your approach to deter them will be the same. Review the following tips below to make your home or business as rodent-proof as possible: 

  • Extract existing rodent occupants.
  • Clear away clutter and debris on the property.
  • Remove potential nesting sites and materials. 
  • Eliminate outdoor food and water sources. 
  • Seal up any visible breaches to your building’s structure. 

Additionally, implement routine cleaning practices. Never leave uneaten food sitting out without storing it correctly, do not pile dirty dishes in the sink, wipe up crumbs and beverage spills immediately, and take out the trash before it fills up.

Rodent Control The Easy Way In Mesa

The best way to get rid of different types of rats and mice is to partner with professional pest experts. Why? They have access to resources the average homeowner does not, such as the latest procedures and best practices, along with the newest technologies and modern equipment. Also, their extensive knowledge of the habits and characteristics of rodents allows them to locate their nests with pinpoint accuracy and remove them altogether. 
With an integrated approach to pest management, Pro Active Pest Control provides the most effective and reliable mice and rat control in Mesa. We understand the toll that infestations can take on your mental and emotional health, and we strive to eradicate rodents from your living and working environments quickly. Reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection.