A Complete Guide To Keeping Fall Pests Out Of Your Elk Grove Home

Mouse in fallen leaves

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there’s nothing better than staying out of the cold – and some of the pests in Elk Grove would agree. We call these critters fall pests because they tend to get more aggressive about invading your home as the weather cools. In Elk Grove, there are quite a few fall pests you’ll need to watch out for:

  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches are always looking for warm shelter, but since they’re capable of spreading harmful bacteria and triggering allergies, you don’t want that shelter to be your home.
  • Rodents: Rodents like house mice, rats, and even squirrels have been dependent on humans for centuries, and once they’re inside your home, they may cause structural damage with their teeth or spread dangerous diseases.
  • Stinging insects: Stinging insects, especially wasps, may build their nests under your porch or deck during the summer, but they prefer to spend the wintertime indoors.
  • Ants: Many ants prefer to hunker down indoors, and while some species might just be a nuisance, others (like Pharaoh ants or carpenter ants) can cause structural damage or spread disease.
  • Stink bugs: Stink bugs prefer the outdoors, but they like the warmth that your home provides during the winter. These bugs don’t pose a health threat, but they do emit a pungent odor when they’re crushed.

There are quite a few fall pests to worry about in Elk Grove. Here’s what you should know about the problems these pests may create in your home, preventative measures you can take to keep them out and the most effective way to deal with fall pest problems.

What Kind Of Problems Do Fall Pests Cause In Elk Grove?

The problems that fall pests cause in Elk Grove can range from minor to severe, depending on the pest. For instance, cockroaches and rodents are some of the worst fall pests you’ll encounter. Not only are they capable of transmitting harmful diseases and bacteria, like salmonella, but they’re also not easy to eliminate. Rodents also have strong teeth that they may use to chew through your walls, foundation, or even your insulation.

Stinging insects can also be troublesome, especially if you’re dealing with multiple wasps or hornets that may try to sting you if they feel threatened. Other pests, like certain types of ants or stink bugs, don’t pose a health risk, but they’re still a nuisance for you and your family.

How To Prevent Fall Pests In Elk Grove

Regardless of which fall pest may be trying to break in, here are a couple of ways to prevent these critters:

  • Seal tiny gaps in your foundation with a sealant or a rodent-proof material like steel wool to prevent pests from getting inside.
  • Replace torn or ripped door and window screens.
  • Deal with drainage issues that may be causing an extra build-up of moisture.
  • Make sure you’re keeping leftovers in airtight containers, properly sealing trash cans, and cleaning up food crumbs and spills.
  • Regularly clean the inside of your home by vacuuming and picking up clutter.
  • Keep trees and bushes near your home regularly trimmed.

By limiting access points and reducing factors that attract pests you will lower your risk of an unwanted population moving in this fall.

The Most Effective Way To Deal With Fall Pests In Elk Grove

Prevention is always a good first step to fall pest control, but if you’re still spotting signs of these critters, your next step should be getting professional help from those of us at Pro Active Pest Control.

If you think there’s a fall pest trying to hunker down in your home for the winter, don’t ignore the infestation. Call us at Pro Active Pest Control today to learn more about how we can keep your home pest-free.