Noises In Your Elk Grove Attic Or Walls? Getting Rid Of Roof Rats

A roof rat in a shed

Roof rats are a common home invader, even around the Elk Grove area. They can gain access to your home in Elk Grove through the smallest of entry points and wreak havoc on your property.

This can lead to high anxiety and stress levels throughout the whole family, even your pets. But you don’t have to live with it, not when an Elk Grove pest control company might be the best option for you!

Identifying Roof Rats

There are lots of rats and rodents in the world, and when it comes down to it, identification can play a crucial role in effective extermination. When it comes to the different types of rats, a roof rat can be one of the most dangerous given how common they are and how much damage they can inflict upon your home. 

That is not even to mention how many parasites, infections, and diseases they could be bringing into your home as well. The most important things to note when identifying roof rats are their large ears and slim builds. They can grow up to 8 inches without the added length of their tail, and they are typically brown.

Roof Rats Could Destroy Wiring In Your House

In addition to all the medical damage a roof rat can cause, did you know that rats cost nearly 20 billion dollars in damages annually? A group of rats can effectively strip a home, thus costing thousands in repairs before a homeowner even knows what’s happening. Here are a couple of things roof rats can destroy:

  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Pipes
  • Wiring
  • Photos

While all of this can be frustrating, it can be downright deadly when it comes to wiring and insulation. A rat can chew through almost anything, and in that combination, it can result in a fire that can destroy your home entirely and cause harm to your family. As for pipes, this can have the same result only with flooding or a gas leak.

Ways To Deter Roof Rats In Elk Grove

Between small or big rats, when they find their way into your home, it can be a nightmare. There are steps you can take before anything like that can happen, however, such as:

  • Put a cap on your chimney.
  • Trim any trees or shrubs that touch your home.
  • Keep your trash stored away from your home and sealed tightly.
  • Remove any birdbaths or feeders from around your yard.
  • Install mesh coverings around your vents, windows, and doors.
  • Replace any damaged or missing roof shingles.

You can keep your home well-guarded by taking proactive steps against potential threats. However, these proactive steps will only get you so far in keeping rats away. For a more effective solution, you should think about professional aid.

Getting Rid Of Roof Rats For Good

You’ll find that the best way to get rid of rats fast in any home situation is to call an experienced and professional team. Our Pro Active Pest Control team can effectively deal with all types of rats that infest your home and ensure that they stay out. At Pro Active Pest Control, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can always count on a job well done and completed. 

For nearly a decade, our Pro Active Pest Control team has provided our customers with top-notch home pest control service that goes above and beyond their expectations. We strive to make our services affordable, so you don’t have to stress about whatever pests are giving you grief. Contact our team for a no-obligation estimate today and get the ball rolling for your pest-free future!