All The Ways Spiders Get Into Gilbert Homes And How To Keep Them Out

Wolf Spider crawling on wood.

It is easy to find a spider inside your home. However, it is not easy to know where these pests are coming in. If you regularly find these eight-legged invaders inside your living areas and want to know how they are getting in, we are here today to help.

This is every way spiders invade Gilbert homes and some strategies you can use to keep them out.

Through Foundational Cracks And Gaps

As homes age, they can experience wear and tear. Some of this wear and tear occurs to foundational blocks. To look for this, check your home's exterior foundation. Check for gaps, cracks, and other entry points spiders might use to get indoors. Seal off these potential entry points using a caulking gun or some liquid cement.

Through Spacing Around Wires And Pipes

When wires and pipes are installed into homes, installers do not always do a great job of securing them well. We recommend checking for any wires or pipes that cross your home's exterior and using liquid caulk to seal spacing around any that are not correctly installed.

Through Unprotected Doors And Windows

There are several ways spiders invade through doors and windows. If a door or window does not have a screen, spiders will get inside any time they are open. The same is true if they are not seated properly and have gaps and spacing around their exterior frame. Some doors experience shifting as homes age which creates openings around their exterior. Seal these gaps off using weatherstripping and door sweeps. Finally, make all of your window and door screens are rip/tear-free and installed correctly. 

Through Damage To Siding, Rooflines, And Chimneys

Storms and general wear and tear often create damage to the exterior of homes. Suppose your home's siding, roofline, or chimney is damaged in a way that might allow spiders a way inside. We recommend having a professional look at your home to make sure it is in good condition.

By Hiding Inside Storage Boxes

Do you store holiday decorations outside of your home in an outbuilding like a shed? If so, spiders could build nests inside of your storage boxes. When a holiday rolls around, and you start carrying these boxes indoors, you may accidentally carry in spiders as well.

The Difficulties With Excluding Spiders

The difficulty with preventing spiders is that these pests are typically small and capable of scaling walls. Unless you can seal off every single entry point in your home's exterior, there is no way to guarantee these pests will stay away out without trusting a professional. The good news is that Gilbert is within the service area of one of America's premier options for home pest control service providers, Pro Active Pest Control.

How The Professionals Can Help With Your Spider Problems

Spiders invade homes to hunt for other pests. Let the experts at Pro Active Pest Control help you out today to ensure your home is appropriately protected. Our team is trained in spider behaviors and has the tools and equipment needed to create a lasting defensive barrier around your home's exterior to keep these pests at bay. We also offer detailed elimination services to remove existing infestations.

Call our team today if you have any questions about spiders in our area and find a time to have your Gilbert property inspected for pest pressures. Let our team do what they are best at and provide the pest protection you and your family deserve.