Why Do I Have Fleas In My Lincoln Home?

A flea jumping on skin

One of the worst pests to deal with for Lincoln homeowners is the flea. This pest is flightless, extremely tiny, and feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Also, they transmit diseases to their host, making them a danger on top of being annoying. While commonly thought of as a problem only people with pets have, they will bite humans directly and are known to hitch a ride on wildlife like rodents and other animals. In fact, they are the most common transmitter of the rare bubonic plague, which is usually associated with rats.

There are many species of flea, but the most common one is the cat flea. This species often feasts on dogs, cats, and humans. Due to their small size and life cycle, professional pest control is needed to combat an active flea infestation.

Understanding Where They Come From

As a rule, fleas make it into the home because they hitched a ride on your dog or cat that came in from outside. However, they can invade homes through other means as needed. Similar to bedbugs, fleas will also cling to shoes, pants, and blankets meaning they are literal hitchhikers for those unlucky enough to cross paths with them. The other way fleas hitchhike into people's homes is through the local wildlife and rodent population. For this reason, people who face a wildlife infestation or rodent infestation may also experience a secondary flea infestation.

After fleas have made it inside, they will hide in spots that people and pets sleep. This includes beds, furniture, carpeting, and even the cracks of hardwood floors. They are also known to handle nearly any environment, which is why they are found in any part of the United States.

Flea Prevention Tips

If you have an active flea infestation, you're already behind the eight ball and should seek professional assistance. However, there are ways to prevent flea infestations from happening in the first place. Some helpful tips to consider include:

  • Clean And Vacuum: The more often you clean and vacuum, the less able fleas can lay eggs to further their population. Be sure to wipe everything down and vacuum at least three times a week.
  • Wash Your Stuff: Everything from clothing to bed linens should be washed regularly to further prevent and control the local flea population since they can hide in the creases. Be sure to use heat where possible.
  • Landscaping: Fleas like tall grass and other signs of an unkempt yard. It's best to keep the yard mowed short. It’s also a good idea to remove overgrown trees or shrubs since they may house rodents, which are known carriers of fleas.
  • Rodent Prevention: Along with other wildlife, it pays to practice rodent prevention since they will carry fleas much like a pet would.
  • Treat Your Pets: One of the most effective ways to prevent fleas is to get flea treatments done for your pets before they have a chance to latch onto them.

Keep The Fleas Out With Pro Active Pest Control

At Pro Active Pest Control, we work with you to deliver comprehensive results that effectively remove fleas from the home while keeping you and your pets safe in the meantime. With our Integrated Pest Management approach, we deliver guaranteed results today while ensuring future occurrences of flea infestations don't occur.

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