Lincoln, CA Property Owners' Secret To Effective Black Widow Control

Black Widow Spider in its web.

Out of all the spiders in Lincoln, the black widow may be the most feared. There’s a good reason for this fear, as black widows have a potent venom. To protect yourself from black widows, learn how to keep them away from your property.

What Do Black Widows Look Like?

Compared to other spiders, black widows are easy to identify. They are black with a bright red hourglass shape on their back. Although this marking is only on the underside of the abdomen, the spider has other identifying features. They have long legs and make messy webs.
Typically, you can find black widows in dark areas, like basements and attics. They also tend to make webs in boxes, corners, and firewood stacks. Because black widows are nocturnal, they often stay hidden during the day. You might not see a black widow until you have a serious problem. One female can lay up to 900 eggs. Although only a few will survive into adulthood, you can’t be certain how many spiders are in your property.

The Consequences Of A Black Widow Bite

Black widows are notorious for their bite. Although black widow bites are rarely deadly, they are extremely painful. The elderly and the young are most at risk from black widow venom. The spiders only bite when threatened, but you might not see a spider until you’ve invaded its space. 
The venom of a female black widow is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s venom. Even large prey items are often paralyzed by a bite from this spider. If you suspect that you’re a victim of a black widow bite, you should act quickly. You need immediate medical attention.

How To Keep Black Widows Away

If you want to deter black widows, there are a few steps you can take. First, you need to eliminate food sources. Because black widows feed on other insects, they’re attracted to homes with other insect pests. Do your best to keep other pests out, and you may be able to deter black widows. This means cleaning your crumbs, storing food properly, and storing your trash. For the best results, you can work with a professional pest control company. In addition to keeping other pests out, they’ll also deter black widows.

Reduce Clutter

Black widows need hiding spots, so you need to do your best to reduce clutter. Take a look at your basement, garage, and attic. Are there boxes full of unused belongings? If so, consider giving them to charity or placing them in a storage facility. Spiders are less likely to live in your property if you remove all the clutter.

Store Firewood Away From Your Home

At times, black widows seek shelter in stacks of firewood. While you might not be able to get rid of your firewood, you should store it far away from your property. If it’s close to your home or garage, the firewood will bring spiders too close for comfort. They may wander inside in search of food or better shelter. Ideally, you should keep firewood at least 20 feet from any shelter.

Work With A Professional

If you have harmless spiders on your property, you can deter them by knocking down their webs. But you need to be cautious with venomous spiders. When you attempt to knock down a web, you put yourself in danger of a spider bite. 
Your best chance at keeping away black widows is to work with a team of professionals. Why risk your own safety? Here at Pro Active Pest Control, we have what it takes to keep away black widows. Contact us at Pro Active Pest Control for more advice or assistance.