A Comprehensive Guide To Eliminating Cockroaches In Your Mesa Home

Cockroach home infestation.

Learning that you have a cockroach infestation is a frightening prospect. You probably know that these pests are difficult to kill for homeowners trying to deploy DIY control methods. You also probably know that these are filthy insects that can contaminate anything they come into contact with, potentially making you and your family ill.

For professional cockroach control in Mesa, you can trust the team at Pro Active Pest Control. You can count on us to be here for your pest control needs now and well into the future. When you hire us to eliminate your cockroach problem, you can be certain we will be on the job until it’s done to your satisfaction.

Types Of Cockroaches: Identifying Common Species

Three different types of cockroaches are potentially found in homes in Mesa:

  • Oriental cockroaches, scientifically known as Blatta orientalis, are dark brown to black in color and are often referred to as "water bugs" due to their preference for damp environments. These nocturnal insects are commonly found in dark, humid areas such as basements and crawl spaces, posing a challenge for effective pest control measures.
  • Turkestan cockroaches, scientifically named Blatta lateralis, are light brown to dark brown insects with distinctive yellowish markings on their pronotum. Native to the Middle East and Central Asia, these adaptable cockroaches are known for their ability to thrive in diverse environments, including urban areas and outdoor spaces.
  • German cockroaches are another common species we see during our inspections. They have an oval-shaped body that measures up to 5/8 of an inch in length. They are light brown in color with two dark stripes on their backs.

Are you having trouble identifying the type of roach in Mesa you’re seeing? The experts at Pro Active can help. Give us a call today, and we’ll both identify your pest problem and make it a thing of the past. 

Health Risks Of Roaches: The Dangers Of Cockroaches In The House

A cockroach infestation is especially dangerous in your home in Mesa because of the possibility of these insects carrying disease and making you and your family sick.

Because roaches live in filthy conditions and spend time walking across garbage and other unclean areas in search of food, they can carry bacteria, germs, and viruses on their bodies. They can even contaminate your food or your food preparation surfaces when they scurry around your kitchen. 

Many people have allergic reactions to the presence of cockroaches, too. These insects shed their skins and other body parts regularly. Some of these parts end up floating in the air of your home, creating breathing problems for some people. Itchy eyes and sneezing are common signs of an allergic reaction to these insects, too.

Cockroach Prevention: Proactive Tips To Prevent Infestations

To get rid of cockroaches for good, you need to take proactive steps to protect your home after our team at Pro Active Pest Control performs our eradication efforts. 

  • Keep your home as clean as possible.
  • Remove crumbs and other sources of food from counters.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Repair leaky pipes, especially those underneath a kitchen sink.
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation of your home.
  • Replace loose weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Tightly seal garbage cans around your home.
  • Keep compost piles as far away from your home as possible.

Roach control and prevention are among our specialties, and we can provide specific tips to help you protect your Mesa home from a return of these pests.

Professional Cockroach Eradication: When To Call The Experts

At Pro Active Pest Control, our professional home pest control in Mesa are happy to come to your home and provide a free estimate. If you suspect you might have some cockroaches but you are not certain, we can help you determine what is happening. 

We do not mind telling homeowners after an inspection that the signs they are seeing do not relate to a cockroach infestation. On the other hand, should we find that your fears of cockroaches in your home are correct, we are ready to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently so you can return to your normal life without having to worry about roaches.

For a free estimate, reach out to Pro Active Pest Control today.