Why Oriental Cockroaches Are Everywhere In Sacramento

Oriental Cockroach on a dirty plate.

Have you seen a news report about cockroaches this summer? If you have, it wouldn't be surprising. Cockroaches are a serious problem in Sacramento. They appear by the dozens and sometimes hundreds in unexpected places. Imagine lifting up a garbage can in the park and seeing a tightly packed group of black, shiny cockroaches scrambling for cover. It has happened. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and finding a "closed" sign on the door, due to a cockroach infestation. It has happened. Imagine not being able to enjoy an imported beer at your favorite pub because cockroaches have invaded. It has happened. But why are Oriental cockroaches so plentiful in Sacramento?

Oriental cockroaches hide in dark, moist locations that have food sources nearby. They can be found in landscaping. They can be found on the moist soil below gravel. They can be found in dumpsters. They can be found in wall voids. In the urban jungle of Sacramento, there is a nearly endless supply of hiding places and food resources for these cockroaches.
The diet of an Oriental cockroach is quite diverse. They can subsist on a wide range of decaying organic matter, including sewage and animal feces. Since they feed on decaying things and live in bacteria-laden locations, these insects are a serious health threat when they get into a home or business. They can also present a problem when they appear in outdoor recreational areas, such as a park. For some people, all it takes is one encounter with cockroaches to make them avoid the area where those cockroaches were found. And the dark black coloration of Oriental cockroaches doesn't help. They look as gross as they actually are.
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