Learn All About The Invasive Turkestan Cockroach In Gilbert

Turkestan Cockroach infestation.

If you’ve noticed the signs of cockroaches in your home, you may wonder precisely what type you are up against. There are a variety of different kinds of cockroaches, and one that you'll commonly find in Gilbert is the Turkestan cockroach. Knowing which species you're dealing with can go a long way toward helping rectify the problem.

When you encounter unwanted pests in your home, it may feel like there's little you can do about it. Thankfully, at Pro Active Pest Control, we are able to identify the type of cockroach is in your home, create a comprehensive treatment plan, and provide your entire property with routine, follow-up care to keep your property pest-free.

What Is A Turkestan Cockroach?

One type of cockroach you may encounter in or around your Gilbert home is the Turkestan cockroach. These roaches are typically about an inch in length and are a very dark brown to black color. Turkestan cockroaches also will often have a white marking near the head or sides. Female roaches tend to be larger than males.

The Turkestan cockroach will typically prefer to remain outdoors but will come into your home if attracted to the light. Outside, you will likely find these roaches near leaf piles, in the cracks of a home’s foundation or sidewalks, in compost piles, or amongst potted plants. They are a breed that's most active after dark.

Are Turkestan Cockroaches Dangerous?

Besides grossing you out, the Turkestan cockroach’s presence in or around your home is also a danger. From salmonellosis and typhoid fever to cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and even E. coli infection, a cockroach can bring very serious illness and disease into your Gilbert home. Additionally, cockroaches are often a serious allergen source for many. The presence of the Turkestan cockroach can cause a severe reaction for those impacted. Eliminating the pest fully is the best way to prevent these serious dangers from coming into your home.

Can Turkestan Cockroaches Damage Homes?

If handled appropriately by professionals, such as our experts at Pro Active Pest Control, the cockroach will typically not cause a lasting danger over time. These pests do, however, damage furniture, insulation, or electronics as they burrow into these items. Roaches can cause circuit damages or leave behind burn marks as a result. They wreak havoc on electronics and should be eliminated to protect your home, family, and assets.

How To Deal With A Turkestan Cockroach Infestation

Though many products are sold on the market in order to rid cockroaches from your home, it is a job best left to the professionals. Cockroaches are a difficult pest to get rid of, as they are excellent hiders, able to find the smallest and darkest places in your home to remain hidden. Additionally, cockroaches reproduce at alarming rates. The average female cockroach takes only three to four months to become an adult, which can then live up to a year. A female roach will typically produce from 200 to 300 offspring in her life. With reproduction rates like that, it is best to leave pest control to the experts. 

At Pro Active Pest Control, we have a 100 percent guarantee on our work. We know our methods of treatment will rid your Gilbert home of cockroaches for the long haul. Not only do our pros come up with comprehensive treatment plans, conducted in a safe, efficient, and effective manner, but they will also continue their care with routine follow-up visits.

There are not many things in this life that you can be sure of with 100 percent certainty, but that is just how much we believe in our services. With one phone call to our professionals, we can take the necessary steps to be sure that pest control is the last thing on your mind. Let us take this chore off of your list, and rest easy knowing Turkestan cockroaches will soon be a thing of the past.