How To Identify And Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches In Your Queen Creek Home

Oriental Cockroach crawling on the floor.

Cockroaches are troublesome insects with a flat body style, six legs, and thin antennae. Some species have wings, yet, many types lack flying abilities. As opportunistic scavengers, cockroaches will often invade homes, schools, restaurants, and other structures where people produce, consume or store food. They eat an omnivorous diet that might include insects, plant materials, hair, paper products, and many other items. 
What is the lifespan of a cockroach? Cockroaches usually live for roughly six months up to more than one year. 
One of the most common home-invading cockroach species is the oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis).
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How To Identify An Oriental Cockroach

Often referred to as water bugs because they tend to reside in damp locations, oriental cockroaches measure roughly one inch long and appear in a shiny black or dark brown color. The females are generally larger than the males and lack the wings of their male counterparts. 
Oriental cockroaches typically remain at ground level or below objects or types of debris. Females create reddish-brown sacs that measure approximately 1/3 of an inch long and contain up to 15 eggs. Homeowners experiencing an oriental cockroach infestation will usually detect a strong, unpleasant odor, which partly stems from chemicals that their bodies secrete. 
What bugs look like cockroaches? People sometimes misidentify oriental cockroaches as June bugs, but June bugs usually have a rounder body style and reddish color. 

Why Oriental Cockroaches Are Considered Dangerous

Cockroaches routinely enter areas containing trash with lots of germs and likely encounter dangerous parasites. Cockroaches contaminate food and surfaces and might carry salmonellosis, E. coli infection, and many other harmful concerns. Cockroaches are often unaffected by most of the general insect sprays and similar products, meaning that more powerful products that might contain harsh chemicals adversely impact indoor air quality and pose other risks. 

How Oriental Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Homes

How do cockroaches get in the house? Some of the most common ways that these pests infiltrate homes in Queen Creek are as follows: 

  • Often, as homes settle, small cracks or crevices will develop around the exterior of the structure near the foundation. 
  • The materials that form seals around exterior doors or windows often erode and create small openings that cockroaches will enter.
  • Remember to check grocery bags and boxes retrieved from storage areas for any signs of cockroaches before bringing them indoors. 

Queen Creek area property owners seeking ways of preventing cockroach intrusions should regularly perform inspections of the exterior areas of the property. First, limit attractants from the space near the home, such as trash containing food scraps or fallen fruits. Keep in mind that oriental cockroaches like moisture; therefore, limit any standing water around the premises. Second, identify any likely points of entry that need repairs, such as by filling cracks with sealant or repairing or replacing torn window screens. 

The Pros To Call For Total Oriental Cockroach Elimination

Are you noticing signs of cockroaches in or around your Queen Creek home? The qualified technicians with Pro Active Pest Control understand the behavior and common characteristics of cockroaches found in this region. They will choose the most appropriate treatment option for the job. When it comes to oriental cockroach control, our specialists will expel these unwanted pests, and we stand behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for an onsite consultation.