How Can I Keep Centipedes Out Of My Home In Queen Creek?

Centipede crawling on wood.

Centipedes have an alarming appearance that can make anyone jump back in fear after just glancing at the bug. Their long, segmented bodies and multiple sets of legs make them look as if they fell right out of a science-fiction novel. While they do not carry or spread diseases, they are never welcome guests when they sneak into a home. 

If you are seeing centipedes in your home, it could signify that you have a bigger problem to worry about. At Pro Active Pest Control, our centipede pest control technicians know how to help you find the centipedes on your property and identify any factors that attract them to your Queen Creek home. 

What Are Centipedes?

Centipedes are small arthropods with long, slender, worm-like bodies and several legs. A centipede’s body consists of several segments, each attached to one pair of legs.  The word “centipede” is Latin and translates to “100 legs.” While the exact number of legs can range from 15 to over 150 pairs, some centipedes do have 100 legs. 

Our centipede exterminators usually find the common house centipede hanging around Queen Creek homes. These centipedes typically measure 1 ½ inches long and have 15 pairs of legs. They also have two long antennae covered in spiky hairs and are used to get a better sense of their surroundings. They also have two large appendages that contain pincers and venom glands. 

Can Centipedes Be Harmful To Me Or My Pets?

While centipedes are not considered to pose serious health risks to humans and pets, they do have venom that can cause serious reactions in certain people. The venom a centipede uses will subdue small insects and usually only causes pain and minor swelling in humans. However, some people and pets can be allergic to the venom and could experience severe swelling, trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing, and other serious symptoms that require immediate medical attention. The venom could also cause small pets to become sick. If you have a cat or small dog that starts to act lethargic after interacting with a centipede, you should immediately take them to the vet. 

Even if centipedes don’t hurt you, a centipede control expert should be consulted right away if you see one in your house. They like areas with plenty of food and water sources. Seeing centipedes around your property could indicate you have an insect or moisture problem you should address. 

Can Centipedes Be Safely Removed From My House?

Centipedes are not aggressive to humans by nature. However, if you pick one up or touch it, the pest will likely feel threatened and will probably bite you. Additionally, these little creatures are known to have a variety of bacteria covering their bodies. You could use a vacuum cleaner to remove the creature, but it is best to let a centipede control specialist get rid of the bugs for you. If you touch them, you could get bitten or contract a serious illness from the bacteria. 

What Is The Best Centipede Control Solution?

The best control solution always starts with a comprehensive prevention plan. Some of the best ways to keep house centipedes away from your property include:

  • Eliminate excess moisture from your home.
  • Seal off any entry point around your home.
  • Eliminate any clutter to reduce hiding spaces. 

If you are looking for the best way to control centipedes in Queen Creek, Pro Active Pest Control is here to help. We have dealt with every type of centipede found in Queen Creek and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to safely eliminate all centipedes in your home.