Are Cat Fleas In Elk Grove Causing You Trouble?

Cat flea on skin

Fleas can be a terrible blight upon your pets and home in Elk Grove. They can jump around and infest your house in only a short amount of time. Do you know how to handle it when you realize you have a flea infestation? 

You might not think that fleas can leave your pets, but they can, and they can turn on you too. Take the reins before something like this happens in your Elk Grove home. Keep reading to find out why an Elk Grove pest control company is the way to go for complete eradication.

Fleas - Types, Facts And How To Identify

Do you know how to tell if your home has fleas or if you or your cat has any flea bites? You can usually tell if you have been bitten as they will show up on your skin as small discolored bumps. As for how to identify fleas, here are a few things you should note:

  • Flat body
  • No wings
  • Six legs
  • Brown or black

These are all characteristics of fleas, and you should also note that both male and female fleas feed on blood from their host. While they prefer your cat or dog for their warmth over you, they will take a meal where they can.

The Lifecycle Of The Cat Flea

The life cycle of a cat flea can extend for up to 75 days after reaching adulthood. Before reaching this adulthood, it goes through the typical process of metamorphosis in three different stages. These stages include the egg, larva, and pupa stage. One of the most critical stages before being an adult is the pupa stage. 

They form a type of cocoon that protects the flea and can last up to several weeks. In this stage, a flea will remain dormant and only emerge as an adult when the presence of a potential blood host is nearby, triggered by body heat and carbon dioxide. This can be drastically affected by outside humidity and regional weather patterns so some stages can last longer than others. 

Three Reasons Cat Fleas Are So Hard To Eliminate

Fleas are always going to be difficult to eradicate on your own because of a few reasons. When you consider all the reasons why fleas are so hard to deal with, you can better understand what you’re up against. These three reasons are:

  1. They can jump from host to host to hide.
  2. They are tiny.
  3. Fleas can hide or camouflage themselves into their surroundings, be that fur or carpet.

This is why the best way to get rid of fleas will always be to have a comprehensive service done by an experienced team. A team will know the ins and outs of a flea infestation and how to stop it at the source, even when the source is your cat.

Control, Extermination & Prevention Of Cat Fleas

Controlling a flea can be challenging, but the best way to get rid of fleas in the house is to call in the help of a professional team. Our Pro Active Pest Control team can be that team you depend on for a pest-free guarantee. We know how to handle nearly any kind of pest that comes your way. 

Therefore, when you enlist our help at Pro Active Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. Our team has many years of experience, and we have the tools to make the job quick while keeping our service effective and long-lasting. Reach out to us at Pro Active Pest Control today for a quote and more information on our services.