Four Signs Your Livermore Home Has A Cockroach Problem


If someone was asked to guess what the most dangerous pests in the world were, they would probably list those of significant size. It may surprise people that tiny insects often have the highest risks. It’s usually because of their ability to spread germs that cultivate illness in humans. Cockroaches are a prime example. 

Cockroaches are ugly bugs known for distributing bacteria that taint food and surfaces. They have small and pliable bodies that allow them to enter Livermore homes with ease. Many species can multiply very quickly. These factors solidify that they’re a major threat. In several cases, you may see evidence of their presence before spotting them directly. Learn what the indicators are and how you can stop cockroaches with Pro Active Pest Control. We serve residential and commercial properties for these insects, bed bugs, rodents, and more.

Sign #1 Finding Shed Skin

Cockroaches tend to shed their skin or exoskeleton during the growth process. You may discover the fragments anywhere. Oriental and Turkestan cockroaches are two common species in the area. Oriental insects have a distinctive appearance. Their 0.98 inch long bodies are compact and glossy, with black or reddish-brown coloring. While they have wings, they aren’t functional. Having moisture is so pivotal to their survival, they’re frequently called “water bugs.” They’ll make their way indoors from the gutters, storm drains, and utilities they surround. Other entry points they use are openings in doors, windows, and foundations. These insects will hide in trash cans, sinks, structural voids, and under cabinets. 
Turkestan cockroaches are closely related to the oriental kind, and also thrive near water. The females are about 1 inch long or less. They are black, rusty red, or brown. Light stripes adorn their short and round wings. Males are smaller and brownish-orange. Their wings are yellowish and go past their abdomen. Both have cream-colored body markings. You may catch these bugs flying by light sources. Three additional facts about these cockroaches are:  

  • Outdoors, you’ll find them settling around plants, organic debris, rocks, and concrete crevices
  • Like most roaches, they are active mainly at night
  • Plainly seeing them suggests an infestation, especially during the day

Sign #2 Coming Across Droppings & Smears

Cockroach droppings vary in size, shape, and color. The smaller bugs generally produce grainy, staining particles that are black or brown. Larger specimens may release circular, solid pieces. In any event, their excrement, urine, and saliva have harmful microbes in them. Cockroaches also have bacteria on their skin. They pick up further spores from filthy environments, like sewers. These creepy crawlers have been associated with allergic reactions, pathogens, viruses, gastroenteritis, and salmonella.

Sign #3 Seeing Eggs & Casings

The look of cockroach eggs differs as well. They’re typically 1 inch long or tinier, and in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Sign #4 Detecting Odors

The secretions and communication chemicals of cockroaches have a “musty” scent to them.

Cockroach Prevention & Pro Active Pest Control Extermination 

Here are tips for keeping cockroaches away:

  • Seal holes in utilities, windows, doors, and foundations 
  • Repair moisture complications and leaks 
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors 
  • Routinely cut the grass and trim greenery 
  • Distance plants by two feet 
  • Regularly clean out drains and gutters 
  • Use airtight containers for food and trash storage 
  • Frequently wash dishes, remove trash, and vacuume

If all else fails and cockroaches are still plaguing your home, reach out to us at Pro Active Pest Control. Our state-certified specialists will efficiently locate cockroach nests and entryways. Then, they’ll apply industrial-grade treatments that are fast-acting. Our solutions are powerful, but they are safe and eco-friendly treatments. All services are guaranteed. You’ll get a free quote when you call us at Pro Active Pest Control today!