Do You Have A Mouse Problem In Mesa?


Pests aren’t just aggravating; they’re a threat to your Mesa home. They can ruin buildings and personal effects. As if that wasn’t horrible enough, many could make you sick with their germs. The moment you ease up on protection, they’ll quietly get by you. It’s easier for them to do this than you may realize. Mice are among the types of rodents that are very tricky to deal with.

Rodents stay around properties because of the available warmth, water, and food. If you want to keep mice away, you’ll have to learn more about how they function, what their hazards are, and how to detect their presence. Also, find out the humane way to get rid of mice with Pro Active Pest Control. We offer residential and commercial pest control for rodents, bed bugs, and more. 

Signs Of Mice In Your Mesa Home

Though different types of rodents are in the area, house mice are ubiquitous in domiciles. They certainly live up to their name. While their stomachs are light, their coats are brown, gray, or black. Believe it or not, their seven-inch-long bodies are lithe enough to get through holes ½ of an inch in diameter. The pointy teeth they have will help them in a pinch. If a humid or damp room is dark and has low traffic, you can count on mice to be there. Cabinets, basements, structural voids, and the like may be hubs. Be on alert if you live near a location with dense vegetation; such spots are comfortable for rodents. 

Look for these infestation hints:

  • Seeing blunted feces that is rod-shaped  
  • Finding footprints with four front toes and five back toes
  • Hearing squeaking or scratching noises from behind foundations  
  • Noticing teeth marks on walls and cables
  • Persistently smelling unpleasant odors

Another infiltration clue is interior destruction. For oral maintenance, rodents will chew on various objects in your residence. As you might estimate, the price to recover from cosmetic and piping damage is steep. You can’t have mice chewing wires under any circumstances; there might be an electrical shortage or fire.

The Problems Mice Can Cause In Your Mesa Home

In addition to the problems mentioned above, mice can taint food and surfaces. Parasites range in their hairs, along with bacteria. Microbes can be found in their waste and saliva too. Natural or not, germs will always be on them because they flourish in dirty places like streets, dumpsters, and gutters. Diseases mice carry include hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Moreover, these vermin won’t hesitate to bite or scratch you. 

Natural Ways To Keep Mice Away From Your Mesa Home

These are the best “at home” methods to block mice away:

  • Lessen clutter so rodents won’t have hiding zones.
  • Clean the kitchen with detail on a routine basis. Wash dishes, wipe counters and get around appliances.
  • Vacuum carpeting and sweep and mop floors.
  • Put food and trash in airtight canisters. Don’t forget about pet fare.
  • Have leaks and moisture defects fixed right away.  
  • Seal gaps in foundations, doors, windows, and utilities. Use steel wool; mice can chew rubber and plastic.
  • Swill out vents, gutters, and drains frequently.
  • Sit plants two feet away from the property.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery regularly.

The Safest Way To Eliminate Mice In Your Mesa Home

With mice chewing wires and a plethora of other things, your home will be in shambles in no time. If you’re exposed to the diseases mice carry, it may be a while before you feel well again. Don’t take any chances with rodents; contact Pro Active Pest Control. We have an advanced and humane way to get rid of mice—chemical baits, sanitation avenues, and exclusion tools. Call us today!