How To Keep Overwintering Pests Out of Your Queen Creek Home

House mouse chewing on electrical wires.

Overwintering pests can be a problem as the weather cools off and may bring about major infestations in your Queen Creek home. Read on to learn more about keeping overwintering pests out of your house.

What Are Overwintering Pests?

As the weather cools off in the Queen Creek area, several pests become more aggressive about invading homes. You should be keeping an eye out for pests around your property in order to identify and prevent an infestation before it really gets started.

  • Mice: Mice will infest your home looking for warmth and prefer secluded, darker areas to live in. They may infiltrate your walls, attic, basement, kitchen, or garage.
  • Rats: Rats invading your home during cold weather can be quite common, but it doesn't make it any less dangerous. You can keep an eye out for rats in attics, basements, crawl spaces, or food storage areas.
  • Termites: Termites can be dangerous to host in your home at any time. Overwintering termites may make their colonies in the internal wooden structures of your Queen Creek house, creating damage.
  • Spiders: A frightening sight, spiders will typically shelter in warm homes during the cooler months. They may also be chasing pest prey inside, something that indicates a greater pest control problem around your home.
  • Ants: Even though the cold slows ants down, this doesn't stop these insects from attempting to invade your home. Ants will most likely be found around food storage areas, in kitchens, or even invading your home's internal structures.

All of these pests can bring a number of problems into your house. Ants and spiders may be an unpleasant sight and can potentially contaminate food storage areas; both of these pests also have the potential to bite, though most ants and spiders aren't medically dangerous if bitten. 

When it comes to termites, these pests can tunnel through your home and create significant damage. Over the winter, a termite infestation may result in sinking floors, tight-fitting doors and windows, or the potential for structural collapse.

Additionally, mice and rats can be some of the most dangerous pests to host in your home. They can spread diseases such as hantavirus, tularemia, and salmonella, in addition to destroying your home with their urine, feces, constant gnawing, and scratching.

Prevention Tips For Overwintering Pests

Good fall prevention and ongoing professional care is the best way to rid yourself of overwintering pests. Follow some of the tips below throughout fall and winter to help protect your Queen Creek home from pests.

  • Store leftover food properly and seal up all trash tightly. Refrain from leaving out food or liquid spills and dirty dishes, as these attract all manner of pests.
  • Seal up any cracks around your home that pests can squeeze through, including areas around your windows, doors, and foundation. Ensure window and door screens aren't ripped, update weatherstripping, and seal holes with steel wool to prevent rodent entry.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris, store firewood at least 20 feet away from your house, and trim the grass in your yard low to reduce outdoor pest hiding spots.

Professional Pest Control Assistance

The most effective way to deal with a pest problem, especially in the winter, is with the assistance of the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control. Contact our specialists today for more advice and pest control assistance.