Cold Weather Invaders – Pest Control Roseville

Two large brown rats on a wooden fence post.

With fall finally upon us, there’s the promise of cooler days just around the corner. Along with those shorter days and cold, wet nights will come a sudden onslaught of invading pests in Roseville and the Greater Sacramento Area. Once the first signs of cold weather hits, pests instinctually look for a place to burrow down and outlast the cold. Chances are, that place is your warm and snug home.

Cold Weather and Pests

It’s worth noting that pests have instinctually developed habits that protect them during colder times. Some will indeed burrow into the ground, deep below the frost line to insulate themselves. Others die off, leaving egg or larvae to overwinter and reemerge in the spring. Certain pests are migratory and will take a tropical vacation during colder months. Lastly, there are some pests that are simply designed to be freeze tolerant. They have less water in their bodies, typically fast over winter months, and most have elevated glycerol levels that create a sort of bio antifreeze to keep them alive.

You don’t need to concern yourself with the pests that leave our neck of the Greater Sacramento area, or the ones that are built to survive out in the cold. However, you should protect yourself from the more common invading winter pests, such as mice, rats, earwigs, flies, and beetles.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents (such as rats and mice) do need a warm and dry place to sustain themselves through winter. Sadly, they only need the slightest crack or gap to get into your home. For mice, a gap the size of a #2 pencil eraser suffices, and rats only need one that is about the size of a quarter. Be sure to do a thorough inspection around the perimeter or your house for any cracks, gaps, or openings. Caulking and screens work famously for keeping rodents out of your house.

If you find yourself with rat pest problems or mice pest problems, you’d better contact Pro Active Pest Control to help you to remove those rodents. Those openings still need to be sealed to prevent further infestations, but the only way to effectively stop rodent problems is to trap and remove them.

Bug Extermination

The same advice for rodents holds for insects, just on a macro level. Insects too will seek out gaps in your home’s exterior in order to come inside your house. Weather stripping in addition to the caulking and screens around windows and doors will help. 

You should also be aware of that wood that you bring in for a fire. Often times logs contains beetles and other insects that have sought shelter in your wood pile. Needless to say, neither you nor them will enjoy having their shelter disturbed.

Most insects that you will come across indoors are not a threat and more of a nuisance than anything else. Vacuuming them up is the quickest solution, especially since many of these active cold weather insects emits odors when threatened or squished. Some may even stain your walls, floors, or furniture.

Fall Pest Control

Colder weather does not mean a hiatus on pest problems. That exterior pest barrier still needs to be maintained around your home to prevent pests from getting inside. For effective pest control, you need Pro Active Pest Control regularly treating your home. With temperatures dropping and outdoor pests finding their way into your home, you need an effective pest barrier established. We provide Roseville pest control, El Dorado Hills pest control, Lincoln pest control, Rancho Cordova pest control, as well as provide pest control throughout the Greater Sacramento area. Contact Pro Active Pest Control for a free consultation and let us show you how we can help protect your home or business from fall pest problems.