How Do I Keep Wolf Spiders Away From My Elk Grove Home?


The wolf spider is probably the scariest looking arachnid in our area. They regularly catch homeowners off guard and like to invade living areas. The question is, how do you combat wolf spiders in Elk Grove? We are going to talk about this today. If you are more interested in finding a fast solution to keep potentially dangerous spiders out of your home, call us at Pro Active Pest Control. One of our friendly service representatives will walk you through our pest care options and find a plan that fits your needs.

What Do Wolf Spiders Look Like?

Up close, a wolf spider looks like something straight out of a horror film. If you have a fear of spiders, this pest is not one you want to find indoors. Identify a wolf spider by its ¼ to 1 ⅜” long body, its dark brown color, and the pale or yellow stripes and markings that cover its body. This pest has a large abdomen and small hairs on its body. Like other ground spiders that live in our area, the wolf spider hunts its prey without using a web. You are most likely to find these arachnids hiding around basements, crawlspaces, and in other dark and secluded areas. 

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Although wolf spiders look dangerous, they are no more harmful than a bee. This arachnid does have venom and it will bite. It does not, however, have venom strong enough to cause serious harm. The wolf spider is also timid and does not like interacting with humans. It will only bite if it feels directly threatened or trapped. Keeping all of this in mind, wolf spiders are still unwelcome guests that belong nowhere near your home! Even though these pests are not directly harmful, there are other species in our area that pose a serious risk to your health. For these reasons, we recommend putting in place some form of prevention for spiders. If you don’t know how to prevent spiders, we are here to help.

How Can I Prevent Wolf Spiders Around My Home?

If you want to keep common spiders in California out of your house, you need to put in place some prevention strategies. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to try today.

  • Identify and seal up gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure all of your exterior door and window screens are in good working condition.
  • Repair damage to doors and windows.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Replace damaged weatherstripping to make sure your doors and windows are air-tight.
  • Turn off exterior lights when it gets dark out.

For more help controlling different types of spiders in Elk Grove, get our team at Pro Active Pest Control involved. We will pay you a visit and help you find a quick solution to your pest problems. 

How Do I Get Rid Of A Spider Problem Around My House?

Investing in pest control in Elk Grove is by far your best option for keeping out spiders. If you don’t like wolf spiders and other invasive arachnids living inside your home, let the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control lend you a helping hand. Our team of highly trained technicians would be happy to help you address issues you are having and set up some long-term strategies to keep a wide range of area pests out.

Call today and find out more about our services. Let us schedule your home and property for a detailed pest control treatment for spiders.